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    Opera at St. Robert's

    Washington Staithes

    Architect's Model

    Child Benefit Centre

    Edith Ave Chapel

1.1  Fatfield Amateur Operatic Society.  I thought there were only 3 Rhinemaidens in 'Wagner's Ring Cycle'.  Only joking!

1.2  Thanks to owner Stafford Linsley for contributing this excellent Picture Postcard of Washington Staithes.

1.3  Architect's Model for Emerson Child Benefit Centre.  Look closely, a lot of the planned buildings didn't materialize!

1.4  Adrian Lupton's excellent picture of the defunct Child Benefit Centre.  Thanks to Adrian for this contribution.

1.5  Jenny Rutter with 'Baby Jimmy' in a garden at Chapel Street.  Edith Avenue & Methodist Chapel in the background.


Washington School - 1996

For a change:

These Photographs are

Less than 30 years old!

NO, I haven't run out
of Auld Stuff.

( Our contributors see to that! )


Washington School - 1991

* NEW *

Down by the Riverside

Looking over the River Wear towards

Low Barmston Farm

from Long Lonnen
[ Photo: 15th October ]

Added to Jean Potts' Riverside Article



Fatfield Colliery Disaster

* NEW *

Secondary School Show


River Wear at Coxgreen

2.1  Sad to see: The slapdash job of 'clagging' the Blue Plaque to the Stone (with white resin) still hasn't been tidied up!

2.2  'Pirates of Penzance', March 1929.   Picture of the cast added to our 'Washington Secondary School Shows' article.

2.3  Can you tell your Gassy Gutter from your Water Effluent Outlet?  No?  Take a look at the 1st 'Then & Now' Tab.


Another 'Then & Now' Addition

The Last Days of Fatfield's


Includes three Colour Pictures,
a Map, and Aerial Images.

[ Pictures contributed by photographer, Adrian Lupton. ]

* 3 NEW *

Glebe Colliery - Closed!

Photographed in July 1972

Glebe Colliery

Closed in August!

Three Images added to the end of our
Durham Colliery Closures Article.

[ Pictures contributed by photographer Stafford Linsley. ]


'What's Where'  &  'How To Get There'

( Click one of these great pictures. )

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