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Both my Grandfathers, my Father, and all my Uncles worked at The Pit.
Personally, I spent my whole career in the mining industry.
However, I'd never heard of the loathsome ...

Miners' Bond

Whether you're from a mining family or not, this is a shocking read.
[ Thanks to Bill Richardson ]



    Iron Ore Train

    The Ritz

    Kids Party - 1945

    Bus Station Steps

    Silver Dollar

1.1  Any idea when the last Steam Engine hauled Iron Ore to Consett via Washington Station and Biddick Crossing?

1.2  This isn't a brilliant photograph but it's in colour and it shows the Ritz Facade after the original was blown down!

1.3  Inside Usworth Colliery Miners' Welfare Hall on VE Day in 1945 - a Tea Party for very young, local children.

1.4  The original, open to all weathers Bus Station at The Galleries - shows the original steps leading to Woolco etc.

1.5  1976 Sunderland Echo press cutting.  Talks about widening of gangways in Woolco but shows The Silver Dollar!


Stars at Stephenson.

TV Acts and Sports Stars
in Charity Event at

Sunderland AFC's
Training Centre

Remember the much loved, later much scorned,
TV Show where White people 'Blacked-up'
to play music, sing and dance?


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Churches & Chapels

2.1  Thanks to Keith Cockerill for sending us a photo of his centenary tankard, given to him by a Coxgreen resident.

2.2  Fabulous Gold Watch presented to the Usworth Colliery Branch Secretary in 1916 by Miners & Union Colleagues.

2.3   Lots of old pictures formed into a 'Collection' to show Churches & Chapels in and around Washington.


New Pictures at Page2, Tab 7.

The Main Entrance Stone from

Washington Welfare Hall

is back at its original location.

[ I wonder what happened to the rest of it! ]


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