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Friday, 20th July 2018.

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    Why The Nickname?
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    Forge House
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    Shop Locations

    New Inn Corner

    Washington F.C.

1.1  A Washington Wesleyan Church was known to the locals as the Kid Gloves and Lavender Chapel.  Where & Why?

1.2  Barmston Forge House plus 1892-1914 Map.  [ I'm not sure where Stephenson's (Corn) Watermill was located! ]

1.3  Floor layout plan of the Galleries Shops.  See how many shops, banks, solicitors, chemists etc. you remember.

1.4  1st left - Regal Cinema; 1st right - Fire Station & Alfie's Bingo; Ahead: New Inn Corner; Back: Main road to Penshaw.

1.5  Unidentified press cutting naming a Washington F.C. team.  They beat Roker 4 - 0 in a Wearside League game.


David Simpson's brilliant Watercolour of

Washington Miners' Welfare Hall

( in the style of L.S. Lowry. )

On behalf of fellow former Members:
Thanks, David, this has evoked
Many Happy Memories!



North Biddick Colliery


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Train Passing Barmston

2.1  New addition to article:  a picture showing the site of the former North Biddick Colliery - Green and Pleasant Land!

2.2  I think Richardson Terrace was named after this man.  Update: Find out when Richardson Terrace was being built.

2.3  Diesel Train passing Barmston Village on its way to Washington Station, Victoria Bridge etc.  Go to bottom of Tab 1.

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'Pensher' Monument Loft - Page 2/2

'Pensher' Monument Loft

( A second article written by Paul Lanagan )

Following the incredible coincidence of
meeting Paul at Beamish Museum
on Tuesday 17, he's given me
permission to post his
super Loft article.

[ Cheers Paul ]


'What's Where'  &  'How To Get There'

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