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A Nostalgic Journey 'in & around' the original Village of Washington
[ Click above picture for numerous views of the 'F' Pit Heaps. ]

Washington Miners Remembered
Statue & Blue Plaque

Major Local Collieries & Locations
( Article in Mining Collection 2 )

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Some Recent Additions


Biddick School Press Cutting


Local Sailors - HMS Hood


The Village Smithy - 1958

1.  Headmaster, Mr Frederick Hill, organised a Commemorative Event to help his Pupils remember the

Anniversary of a momentous event in British History.   Note the two Flags!   Go to TAB 4.

2.  Two Press Cuttings added to the 'WW2 - Washington War Heroes' article in the World Wars section.

Go to the last Tab - ' HMS Hood '.

3.  Thanks to this photo, contributed by Ernie Guy, I decided to put together a 'Village Smithy Collection'.


Gertrude Bell

5. * NEW *

Martin Guy

4.  Gertrude Bell - The Lady from Dame Margaret's Hall - with Winston Churchill & Lawrence of Arabia.

Every Washington resident should know at least something about the incredible Miss Bell.

Archaeologist, Linguist, Mountaineer, Cartographer, Political Intelligence Officer

and expert Camel Rider!  She's the only one in control at The Sphinx.

5.  Martin helped run the Social Centre at Usworth and was a prominent figure in the Local Community.

You'll find him listed in 'Whats Where / People'.   Click the Photo to read some 1930s Diary Pages.

A Soldier in WW1, he later became one of the Founders of USWORTH UNEMPLOYED CENTRE.


Welfare Halls Quick Reference Page


Chartershaugh Bridge

6.  Mining Collections rearranged for easier navigation.  New Welfare Halls 'Quick Reference Page' added.

Click above, then Click on larger image of David Simpson's Painting to go to the New Page.

7.  'Bridge Completed' image added for comparison with the existing 'Bridge Under Construction' image.

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What's Where?

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"Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it."

Lucy Maud Montgomery
( 1874 - 1942 )

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