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A Nostalgic Journey 'in & around' the original Village of Washington
[ Click above picture for views of the 'F' Pit Heaps. ]

Washington Miners' Statue and Blue Plaque
[ Picture from Washington History Society ]

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Some Recent Additions

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Brandy Row School - Last Tab

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Usworth Aerodrome

1.  Letter written by Fred Hill.  It describes a horrendous event that could have resulted in great loss of life at this School!

2.  No prizes for naming this Washington Lad.   He became a Top Class Footballer / Manager.  Thanks to Peter Graham.

3.  A former World War 2, Hawker Hurricane Fighter coming in to land.  Try the Aerodrome 'Blue Plaque' Link, too.


Love Washington!


Page 1: Penshaw Monument Article

4.  Keith Cockerill has been plodging in the clarts again!  More local Bricks found on the muddy Banks of The Wear.

5.  Article upgraded to include the above New Image and several newly tidied-up images.   Many Tabs enhanced.


Washington's First Volunteers


Brothers In Arms.

6.  Bill Towers was an 'F' Pit Man and one of Washington's First Volunteers.  Thanks to Bill's Granddaughter, Hilary Sly.

7.  The Crow Brothers.  Three former Fatfield School Pupils who volunteered to serve in WW1, and Fell in Action.

The above Memorial Ribbon has been added to an amended WW1 Volunteers Page.
Ribbons also added to commemorate Ben Brunson & Richard Drummond.

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"Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it."

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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