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    Springwell Kids

    Top Club



    Auld Men's Seat

1.1  Smashing group picture of Springwell School pupils, taken sometime in the 1920s.  Mixed clothes & expressions!

1.2  "Nothing's too good for our wives," said Chairman William Jonas.  Remember Alec, the steward, and wife Evelyn?
 * [ I've heard that Usworth Top Club is now permanently closed.   I can't confirm this but, if so, it's the end of an era! ]

1.3  1st Washington Scouts' Bob-a-Job Certificate, 1958.  The lads raised £10 8s 0d.  How many jobs did that entail?

1.4  It took me a while to figure out this picture.  The penny dropped when I noticed the telephone box, on the left edge.

1.5  The Auld Men's Seat at the bottom of Village Lane has been upgraded and fitted with a weatherproof-ish top.

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Downcast & Upcast Shafts

Usworth Colliery Shafts

Fresh air down.  Used air up.
Find out how.

HELP: Frederick and Victoria rings a bell,
but I've forgotten the shaft names!



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Press Cutting

2.1  Added to 'Then & Now' Collection: New Washington's original superstore - The Coop.  Go to New Inn Corner, 2/2.

2.2  Extract from James Patterson's 1891 book - taken 'out of context'.  Cox Green was blighted by industrial waste!

2.3  Press Cutting: New site required for Washington's Show Folk, and others, now living behind Speculation Place.

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Added to 'Then & Now' Collection

Harraton Community Centre

If you think Bonemill Lane hasn't
changed, compare this to an
up-to-date picture.


'What's Where'  &  'How To Get There'

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