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Friday, 17th August 2018.

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    Where Was This?
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    Chairman's Letter

    Two Jims

    Usworth AFC
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    Wimpy Menu

1.1  I came up with several locations for this road sign.  There was always something to prove me wrong.  I'm baffled!

1.2  If you worked for Washington Dev. Corp. at Usworth Hall in December 1977, you'll probably remember this letter.

1.3  Two Pals playing in front of 30 Usworth Green, c.1950.  Note Usworth Brickyard Chimney in the background.

1.4  Usworth Colliery A.F.C.   Winners of the Northumberland & Durham Challenge Cup in 1940 & 1941.  Plus close-up.

1.5  A fascinating look at the food and prices on the Wimpy menu, way back before Wessington Square had a roof.

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Go to Tab 4:  View from Penshaw Hill

Stafford Linsley has contributed his super
1971 Colour Image of this Scene.

Washington Chemical Works

It's in our Then & Now Collection.
Cheers Stafford, it's a beaut!

[ Next Week: Stafford's 'Last Houses in Wilden Terrace' ]



North Biddick Colliery


More Evidence Found


Train Passing Barmston

2.1  New addition to article:  a picture showing the site of the former North Biddick Colliery - Green and Pleasant Land!

2.2  We've taken another step towards discovering who gave his name to Richardson Terrace.  Page 2/2, Last Tab.

2.3  Diesel Train passing Barmston Village on its way to Washington Station, Victoria Bridge etc.  Go to bottom of Tab 1.


'Pensher' Monument Loft - Page 2/2

'Pensher' Monument Loft

( A second article written by Paul Lanagan )

Many thanks to Paul for giving his permission
for us to include this great article
on our website.


'What's Where'  &  'How To Get There'

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