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1.1  Super picture, thanks to Harry M.  Same added to our 'Then & Now' Collection.  Go to Tab 4, 'New Inn Corner 2/2'

1.2  A view up Village Lane, from site of the currrent GPO premises, past the Pit Road and the former Stella Maris Club.

1.3  Spout Lane blocked by Sunderland Highway / Pedestrian Tunnel.  Go to 'Then & Now', last Tab - Municipal Terrace.

1.4  A major walking route.  Houses on the banks of the R. Wear.  The building on the high ground was a Chapel.

1.5  The road to Woolco from Washington Highway.  Also a great aerial view of the Superstore and nearby car parks.


Factory next to 'The Squatters'

Added to Sulgrave Aerial Selection

Tube Investments

[ Thanks again, Harry. ]


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Glebe Disaster - 1908


Two Renovated Postcards

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'F' Pit Casualty - 1931

2.1  Thanks to Ken Reay for sending us pictures of the last resting places of Charles Chivers and Thomas Errington.

2.2  Two more Coloured Postcards of well known Washington scenes.  Holy Trinity & The Old Hall - both tidied up.

2.3  My Great-Aunt Esther's husband, Jimmy Shevills, who died at Washington 'F' Pit, one week before Christmas.


Where Was This?

Remember this

Mystery Guidepost

pointing towards Washington?

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In another effort to find out where it was:
Two locations for you to consider.

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Bits & Pieces, Page 4

A Challenge For You!

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