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    Bradey's Shop
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    Jubilee Terrace

    Spot The Pig!

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    St George's Church

1.1  We now have a great picture, some family history and a location.  Thanks to Bill, Ged & Keith, respectively.

1.2  Looking north across the River Wear - a nice old picture of Jubilee Terrace, just upstream from the Earl of Durham.

1.3  Smashing image of a piggery in the shadow of Victoria Viaduct (1964).  We have a strong contender for owner.

1.4  From a time when you could see the Masonic Hall and Nicholson's Papershop from the Ritz Cinema (c.1957).

1.5  Lovely old postcard showing Saint George's Church surrounded by trees, with no other buildings in view.

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Usworth Station Road

Vaux Off-Licence

We already have two pictures but

this addition is a beaut!


Following some recent good quality Replacement Images that I made into 'Then & Now' pages,
I've been sent two more.  Hence, I've been out with my camera taking 'Now' pictures.
View both, plus a new 'Now' for Front Street Postbox, by following either link.

[ N.B. The 'Then & Now Miscellaneous Collection' currently has 3 pages. ]


Cold War Bunker

Usworth Seniors

School Prize Winners

* NEW *

... as a 'Then & Now'.

2.1  Aerial view showing the site of the former Springwell Observation Post - now added to 'Springwell Bunker' article.

2.2  Super 1963 document from David Simpson, listing Usworth Senior School prize winners.  Lots of names to browse.

2.3  Far better version than the one it replaces.  It's also in a new 'Then & Now' page.  'Click the Pic', then go to Tab 4.

* NEW *

... as a 'Then & Now'.

New Rows - Victoria Road - Ritz

As before, there's a new 'Then & Now' page
to accompany this great replacement.
'Click the Pic' and go to Tab 4.

The Victoria Health Centre now stands where
these houses stood.   Right?   Wrong!


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