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A Nostalgic Journey 'in & around' the original Village of Washington
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Washington Miners Remembered
Statue & Blue Plaque

Usworth Miners' Picnic
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Some Recent Additions


Where Was This?




Kelly's  +  Phone Listings

1.  This Photo fits in perfectly between between two nearby images in one of our 'Take A Stroll' Articles.

Were you around in the 1950s/60s?  If so, what's over the Wall and what's behind the Coal Wagons?

2.  Article upgraded to include two 1970s images - The Demolition of Bobby Lee's School.  Thanks to WHS.

3.  'Local Area Extracts' from the 1925 Edition of Kelly's Directory added to our existing 1890 & 1914 Editions.

Old Business Names are popular with a lot of our Visitors.
Try these 1939 Telephone Listings:  CLICK ME


On The Buses!


Colliery Demolition Pictures

4.  Bus Routes Article given a new layout with many new additions.  It even includes Blakey, Stan & Jack!

5.  NCB NE Area, Colliery Closures Article reorganised with 3 local Colliery Demolition Pictures added.

The 2 Usworth Pit Demolition Pictures ALSO added to the 'Usworth Colliery Photo Gallery'.
Tab: Closure!  CLICK ME


Fatfield Bridge - 1 Year After Opening


Usworth Jnrs, Class 5A - Tab c.'48

6.  When was it officially opened?  Name the Cottage, above the Boys Brigade, almost hidden in the trees.

7.  Photo added to Usworth Junior School Article.  Name the three Headmasters in post from 1946 to 1963.

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"Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it."

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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