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Last Upload:  Friday, 22nd September 2017

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    Village Green
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    Old Coach Road

    Colliery & Comp.

    Behind Front Street

    Lovely Old Chapel

1.1  Looking back from the high ground beyond the Washington Arms: The Village Green, Cross Keys & Our Lady's.

1.2  Thanks to Pauline for sending us an image to complement No. 1.3.  How many times did you climb these pit heaps?

1.3  Usworth Secondary / Comprehensive School at the end of The Flat Tops.  Usworth Colliery in the background.

1.4  A fairly long view taken behind Front Street, from close to the Gardener's Club, towards Spout Lane and the Co-op.

1.5  No doubt about it!  Two local residents recognised this as the former Primitive Methodist Chapel at 'Our Cox Green'.

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A Snowy Cross Keys

Over 2 miles from one end to the other:

Village Lane

See this image to compare the distance to Birtley
from Top of Village Lane (top picture), with
that on the road sign in The Village.

( Somebody got his sums wrong! )


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Richardson Terrace

A Blast From The Past!

One Dog and His Man!

Recent Upgrade

Picktree Lodge Bridge

2.1  The latest contribution from Jimmy Rutter - the Residents of Richardson Terrace, 29 Sept 1939.  Cheers, Jimmy.

2.2  Every now and again, I'll highlight a page that regulars may have forgotten about.  In this case, old train tickets.

2.3  This bridge once carried Vigo Lane over the Tyne Dock to Consett Railway.  Map of old Harraton Pits included.

Colliery Wagonways

Extract from a 1787 Map

* NEW *

Wooden Wagonways

... once transported coal from our local
Collieries down to the River.

Also included:  a highly relevant
photo of the River Wear.


'What's Where'  &  'How To Get There'

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