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Drawings of Boyhood Memories by Usworth Lad, John Suggett
( I played Street Cricket loads of times ... Gates, too!  How about you? )

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    A Temperance Hall!
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    Football & Netball Teams
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    Young Farmers Club

    Added to Worswick Street

1.1  The Studio of J. Price, Photographer, was based in an Old Washington Temperance Hall.  Anyone know where?

1.2  Two Photos duplicated from The Glebian Magazine, 1950.  Wash Glebe School Football & Netball Teams, 1949/50.

1.3  Photo duplicated from The Glebian Magazine, 1950.  Group picture of Wash Glebe School Young Farmers' Club.

1.4  Before electronics arrived on our buses it took a bit more effort to set the destination boards.  Remember how?



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Grammar School Buildings


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2.1  1937 photograph of Coxgreen Chapel added to our 'Churches & Chapels' Collection.  Thanks to Keith Cockerill.

2.2  Washington Grammar School Buildings - old and 'not so old' - have all been demolished.  Photos from Keith Charlton.

2.3  A Washington Road added to 'Then & Now Collection'.  Name the Road & House. 'Then' image from Keith Cockerill.

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Glebe School Mag

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Washington Glebe School

Glebian Magazine, 1950

Photographed and Contributed by Owner,
Keith Cockerill

Three Group Photographs duplicated on other pages:
1949/50 Football & Netball Teams - Teams 2
1950 Young Farmers Club - PG12

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You'll also find them on Pages 2, 4 & 5
of our Glebe School Collection.


Added to Major Roads Collection

Two great Aerial Pictures create a new
page in our Roads Collection

Northumberland Way


Sunderland Highway

Loads of landmarks for you to identify!


'What's Where'  &  'How To Get There'

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