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Friday, 20th April 2018.

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    'Doc' & Howard

    Heworth Road
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    Heading South

    Old Post Office

    Rear Of Terrace

1.1  Washington Grammar U13s on The Comrades with a Cup.  Featuring the smiling 'Doc' Telford and Howard Kendall.

1.2  Usworth Secondary School on Heworth Road.  Shows the 'Flat Tops' and the route of the 'Old Coach Road'.

1.3  Diesel hauled passanger train approaching Victoria Viaduct, having just passed through Washington Station.

1.4  No, this isn't the P.O. near St Cuthbert's Mission Hall; it's an earlier one, near Washington Station railway bridges.

1.5  A vastly superior replacement image showing this well-known Terrace as demolition time approached.  Name it!

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Where's this 1950s Location?

Well Known Bus Route

Think Double-Deckers!

[ Difficulty: 4/10 ]


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One For Portillo Fans!


Autograph added to Article

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Early Factory

2.1  Bradshaw 1887: Sunderland to Bishop Auckland railway timetable, including fares to Coxgreen and Penshaw.

2.2  If you haven't heard about Jimmy Hagan, you'll be amazed at what he achieved at Benfica FC.  Ask Eusébio!

2.3  This picture in a small collection showing one of the New Town's earliest factories - Radio Corporation of America.


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Glebe Colliery / The Avenue

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