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    Which Street?

    Name it now?
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    Council Chambers


1.1  Trainspotters at Washington Station.  Can you name the two terraces, near the long footbridge, on the right horizon?

1.2  Unidentified street.  Because of the long, flat pit heap, I considered Single Row, Quarry Row and Railway Terrace.

1.3  This is the original name of a very well known street in Washington.  What's its name now, and where's this sign?

1.4  Good quality picture of Washington Council Chambers, showing some fashions of the day.  No jeans and trainers!

1.5  Entrance to Royal Air Force Usworth - Usworth Aerodrome - opposite to the Three Horse Shoes public house.

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A Once Busy Thoroughfare.

Spout Lane

New Washington to Houghton-le-Spring
Who remembers the 39 Bus?


New Washington

It's all Fields!

Usworth Colliery Disaster

Service of Remembrance

Ticket Please!

Dog & Accompanying Passenger!

2.1  1898 Map showing Havannah Terrace, New Washington and Usworth - 2 minutes walk and you were in the fields!

2.2  The Remembrance Service held at Holy Trinity Church, High Usworth, to commemorate the 1885 Usworth Disaster.

2.3  Super 'Washington to Usworth' train ticket supplied by Harry Browell for our 'Local Train Tickets' page.  Brilliant!

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Jack Harbin

Usworth's Pitman Boxer

A Tribute To Jack Harbin
by Fred Charlton,


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