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Sunday, 20th May 2018.

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Big News on the Local History Front:
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    Ladies' Lunch

    Hill & Pit

    Springwell Road

    Lloyd's Bank

    Blue House Lane

1.1  Super quality B&W picture of a Ladies' Lunch / Meeting held inside Usworth Colliery Miners' Welfare Hall.

1.2  Very interesting, in spite of the low quality and speckles.  Worm Hill and the headgear of Chartershaugh Colliery.

1.3  The view along Springwell Road, from the north side of the Guide Post Inn, looking towards Springwell Coop Store.

1.4  Upgraded picture:  Lloyd's Bank (Dentist's above) & New Inn Corner.  Much better quality than its predecessor.

1.5  Edna Felton, née Shevills, has passed the T. H. Cann Aged Miners' Homes and is heading for the 'Pit Road Ends'.

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'F' Pit Miner's Brass Token

Added to our

Pit Baths Article

Large image of an 'F' Pit Miner's Brass Token.

Other pictures in this article can be clicked for a
closer view ... including the bathing miners!



See Lady Below


Pant up Well Bank!

* NEW *

What's its current name?

2.1  The T. H. Cann, Aged Miners' Memorial Homes.  Who was Mr Cann and who laid the other commemorative stones?

2.2  PANT found in the Donwell area.  Uncovered due to a garden project.  What's a Pant and why is it significant?

2.3  How did a Brook running from Springwell via 'F' Pit yard to Cox Green cause New Road to have its name changed?


Esther Richardson, née Howey.

The Richardson Family

Includes the story of Esther Howey,
later Mrs W. P. Richardson.

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W.P. was the Usworth Lodge Branch Secretary
and later, General Secretary of the D.M.A.

Read how Usworth Miners showed their appreciation
for the efforts of Mr & Mrs Richardson.


"Two Papers 'n' Two Bags 'a' Chips, Please."

Who remembers their Mam sending them out to ask for an order like that?
Well, Tuesday was a lovely sunny day so my wife and I jumped on the
No.8 Bus for a 'Fish & Chip lunch' at Beamish Museum.  Delicious!

It's still only £14 for an over-60s, 12 Month, Unlimited Ticket.
More details: click the Beamish Museum Gate. ↗

'What's Where'  &  'How To Get There'

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