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    Cook's Plaque
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    1952 WGS Form

    Queen Mother
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    Proposed Village

    Stella Maris

1.1  Cast Iron Plaque from Joseph Cook's Washington Iron Works.  This plaque was sold on-line in November 2018.

1.2  Sorry everybody, I had this 1952 Washington Grammar School class incorrectly labelled as Form 1B.  It's Form 1A.

1.3  HM Queen Mother, opening Bowes Railway in July 1976, accompanied by Dr Stafford Linsley & Sir James Steel.

1.4  Awful aerial picture showing the site of the proposed Fatfield Village.  It's here for visitors who know the area.

1.5  Star of the Sea: a Roman Catholic social club which stood on Village Lane opposite the former Brandy Row School.

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Glebe Village

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A194(M) Bridge


Leisurely Circular Walk


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2.1  Nine Associated Images of the A194(M) Bridge construction at High Usworth.  Thanks to Adrian Lupton.

2.2  Old Pamphlet laying out a circular walk along the R. Wear.  Some things have changed but it's still worth the effort.

2.3  Washington Development Corporation Information Pamphlet:  A Brief History of Early Washington and The Old Hall.

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This one, plus some Shops elsewhere.

Colour Pictures
of well known Washington scenes

Postcard Images
Spruced Up

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Coal Wagons above the Hoppers

Colour Pictures at the

Low Lambton Coal Depot

between Penshaw Station
and Victoria Bridge.


'What's Where'  &  'How To Get There'

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