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A Nostalgic Journey 'in & around' the original Village of Washington
[ Click above picture for views of the 'F' Pit Heaps. ]

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A. Chapter 2 Added


B. Keith Cockerill's River Wear Slideshows

A.  Author David Simpson recently granted permission for his excellent History Book to be serialised on this website.

Thanks to David's sisters for allowing me to continue with this project.  [ Next Upload: Chapter 3. ]

B.  Three of Keith Cockerill's Photographic Journeys along the River Wear.  Sit back and enjoy a wander downstream.

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Village Lane Post Office

2.  NEW

Albert Place


Go to Tab: 'F' Pit

1.  Slightly unusual view: looking over Village Lane, from a high viewpoint, to Washington Village Post Office.

2.  Two more of Lesley Bulch's excellent Past & Present photographic compositions - Albert Place and Oxclose Road.

3.  The 'F' Pit Road, as seen from Blue House Lane - view from just past 'The Pit Road Ends'.  Thanks to Adrian Lupton

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Where's This?


Go to Tab 3.   See also Tabs 4 & 5.

4.  Not so easy to identify the location from this small picture.  Go to Tab 5 - 'View From ...'   Thanks to Malcolm Young.

5.  Regular visitors will know that Miner Robert Richardson died in the 1885 Usworth Colliery Disaster.  However, this

wasn't the only tragedy to strike the Richardson Family.  Read a report in the Newcastle Courant newspaper.

Robert's niece Isabella was an Usworth Miner's wife with a large family.  Her story is on Tab 4.

His Grandson, Sergeant William Richardson was Mentioned In Despatches.  Tab 5.


Black Lung!


Washington Post, May 1941

6.  We know that Coal Mining was a hazardous profession - Explosions, Roof Falls etc. Remember Pneumoconiosis?

7.  'Money For Weapons' Appeal from Councillor W. Haskett JP.  Includes Lots of Adverts for well-known Businesses.


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Fancy A Few Laughs?

Kid's Bible Blunders

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'What's Where'  &  'How To Get There'

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