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    Post Office & Pub

    East Entrance
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    Relay Team
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    Cricket Team

    Wash Chem Wks

1.1  Super set of three High Usworth photographs linking Fawcett's Shop / Post Office to the Red Lion public house.

1.2  There have been one or two changes to the 'Glebe Entrance' into Washington Galleries since this photo was taken.

1.3  Glebe School 4 x 100 yards relay team win the Outstanding Performance Shield at Washington Sports Day in 1959.

1.4  Glebe School cricket team circa 1961, featuring two well know schoolboy sportsmen who also excelled at football.

1.5  Newall's Team (c.70s).  Features an old mate of mine - prolific goal scorer on grass and wizard on the green baize!

( 1.3 and 1.4 also appear at: What's Where; Schools; Washington Glebe; MENU - Sport. )


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Vesting Day

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Usworth Hall


Officer & Gentleman

2.1  Were you a young miner, late 40s / early 50s.  Remember Vesting Day and check out how much you were earning.

2.2  What was I doing at Usworth Hall in 1963/64 and why did I need a police escort from the New Inn Corner to the pit?

2.3  If you haven't heard of Cyril Lomax, read this.  Artist, Writer, WW1 Veteran, Historian & Rector of Holy Trinity.

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