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A Nostalgic Journey 'in & around' the original Village of Washington
[ Click above picture for views of the 'F' Pit Heaps. ]

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1.  NEW

Electoral Registers Added

2.  NEW

Letter From The Council

1.  Ex-Squatter, the late David Simpson, granted permission for his excellent History Book to be posted on this Website.

Thanks to David's sisters for their kind permission to continue with this project.
Charts Added:  'Family Names' of Residents, 1947-59.
Go to End of Book: Appendix 1.

2.  Thanks to Ernie Guy for sharing his Father's Letter from Washington UDC regarding a 'Bungalow' on Usworth Green.

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Chartershaugh Bridge 1976


Last TAB, 'Oldest Survivor'

3.  Shocking Fatfield news item taken from a 1922 Newpaper Cutting of very brief News Stories from around the UK.

4.  1976 Press Cutting - View under Chartershaugh Bridge to the old North Biddick area, now part of Fatfield Village.

5.  Bob Scorer - Usworth Miner / Washington Glebe Lamp Cabin Man.  [ I felt obliged to make a correction to the text! ]


Mr Curtis - Go to TAB: 'Staff 1'

7.  NEW

Glen Tce & Derwent Tce - Glebe Crescent

6.  Taught by Mr Curtis at Washington Grammar?  You'll remember him then!  Did you know he became a Headmaster?

7.  Two more 'Past & Present' Compositions created by Lesley Bulch.  Both looking towards Washington Glebe School.

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Washington Grammar 'Misc Sport'


Go to TAB: 5

8.  On Tab 5 you'll find 2 pages from the 1962 School Mag. Tab 6 holds 3 pages from 1968.  Thanks to Brian Craggs.

9.  A 'Now' picture c/w Old Map, but no 'Then' version!  Where's this century-old Terrace?  Thanks to Keith Cockerill.


'What's Where'  &  'How To Get There'

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