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    Scout Group 1941
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    Queen's Scouts

    Glebe Banner

    Farmers' Club

    Farmer's Club

1.1  The Geoffrey Newall Hut / Washington Scouts (1941).  The original hut has been replaced.  Where was it?

1.2  Five Queen's Scouts after being presented with their badges by Sir James Steel.  Sadly only four are named.

1.3  Super picture of the 1930 Glebe Banner at the top of Emmerson Terrace.  Plus: 1929 films showing at The Regal.

1.4  Village: The Teachers' Club opened & closed in recent times but the Young Farmers' Club has history!  Where was it?

1.5  List of the original shareholders at the Young Farmers' Club.  Regulars will immediately recognize a certain Mr Lee.

* NEW *
Herrington Colliery Firefighting Team

Why are they on this website?

Where was this photograph taken?

The men from Herrington crossed the River Wear to
take part in a colliery firefighting competition.
Hint: note the small level crossing sign.

( Rating: Very Difficult! )


Last Pupils at ...

Barmston School

* Update *

No, not from Beethoven's 9th.

New Washington

It's all Fields!

2.1  It's 1937 and The Bumbler Box's last few pupils wave goodbye.  Press clipping of the last day at Barmston School.

2.2  After seeing the Glebe Banner / Films Poster, Dave Jones has sent us two colour close-ups of this 1930 banner.

2.3  1898 Map showing Havannah Terrace, New Washington and Usworth - 2 minutes walk and you were in the fields!

For lovers of the River Wear ...

Barmston Riverside

Low, Middle & High Barmston

Memories & Pictures from a former resident
of High Barmston Farm, local lass
Jean Potts


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