Washington County Durham


Memories of  Washington

Post Offices

Usworth Colliery Post Office

The door (near the garden fence) into Usworth Colliery Post Office.
[ Press clipping from Evening Chronicle, 31st October 1967 ]

Mrs Ward
Mrs Ward ran Coxon's Row Post Office in 1950s.
Her daughter, Miss Edith Ward, was in charge when it was burgled in 1967.

Post Office Garden
View from Waterloo Road
The Garden of Ward's Post Office at Usworth Colliery.
Usworth Junior Mixed School: off-picture, centre-left.  Usworth Pit Heap: centre-right.

Demolition of Post Office
Coxon's Row Post Office - derelict!
Usworth School kitchens were on the left, with the School beyond.

[Courtesy of Beamish Museum Resource Centre.]

Map Usworth Post Office!
Usworth Community - 1921
Usworth Colliery Post Office (P.O.) is centre-picture, left of Old Row.

New Washington Post Office

Front Street Post Office
Front Street, New Washington  -  Lots of customers at the Post Office

[ Photo by Francis Frith ]

No Post Office!
Front Street, Concord.    Post Box but no Post Office!

[ Photo: J.G. 10th Jan 2017 ]

Map of Post Office!
Post Office (PO) on Front Street
Map c.1967

Washington Village Post Office

Village Lane Post Office
The Post Office on Village Lane with St. Joseph's School in the distance.
[ Courtesy of Beamish Museum Resource Centre. ]

Village Lane Post Office
Washington Village Post Office on Village Lane.   Note the 'Post Office' sign above the Lads in snorkel jackets.
The Smithy - Holy Trinity Church.

Map of Post Office!
Washington Village Post Office (PO) on Village Lane

Washington Telephone Exchange
Washington Village GPO Telephone Exchange on Spout Lane
Situated opposite The Steps public house, it later became The Village Community Centre.

[ Thanks to Adrian Lupton ]

The Steps
The Spout Lane Inn, known to the locals as The Steps
[ Note the Gates in both pictures. ]

The Post Offices on Washington Station Road

Washington Station Road Post Office
The Post Office on Washington Station Road.

Washington Station Road Shops
Washington Station Rd.   Note the Telephone Box outside the Post Office.
Down the Bank to the location of an earlier Post Office,
the Railway Station and Chemical Works.

•   •   ◊   •   •

Early Post Office 1
Barmston Close  -  Washington Station Rd  -  The Post Office
Large Sign: 'Washington Station Post Office'

Early Post Office 2
The Post Office at the bottom of Station Road, close to the Railway Bridges.

Early Post Office 2
Washington Station Road  -  Left to Railway Station.
Straight ahead to the location of the later Post Office.  It's just around the Bend.

Location of Post Office
Post Offices on Washington Station Road
The Buildings housing the earlier Post Office, near the Railway Bridges, have been replaced by Chemical Works Offices.

High Usworth Post Office

Fawcett's Store / Post Office
Fawcett's Store and Post Office - 1960s.

Fawcett's Store / Post Office
Matthew, Etta and Jack Campbell standing in front of Fawcett's Stores / Post Office.
That's the Red Lion behind the car.

Fawcett's Store / Post Office
Note the Bike labelling:
Fawcett's Stores - Post Office - High Usworth

The Red Lion
The Red Lion Public House on Peareth Hall Road
Post Office building, centre-left.

Map: Great Usworth
O.S. 25 Inch Map, 1892-1914
Red Lion and Post Office, centre of Map

Springwell Post Office

The Percy - Springwell Coop
The Perseverance Arms and Springwell Cooperative Society.
Bowes Crescent in the distance.

[ Sorry, I don't have a picture of the Post Office.  See Map below. ]

Map of Springwell Post Office
Springwell Post Office  (P.O.)
Bowes Crescent
(long Terrace) and Palmer's Villas (short Terrace)
Bowes Railway Crossing and 'The Percy'.