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A Nostalgic Journey 'in & around' the original Village of Washington
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Excellent picture of Woodland Terrace added to the 'Usworth Station Rd' Tab.

Also a wide-angle view of the 'F' Pit on the 'Blue House Lane' Tab

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Washington Miners' Statue and Blue Plaque
[ Picture from Washington History Society ]

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1.  One of our local Colliery Lodge Banners is the only Durham Banner to be accompanied by a Folk Band.  Which Pit?

2.  No, not a member of the local Gentry, this is John Rodgerson, the last Fore-Shift Overman at North Biddick Colliery.

3.  In our early teens, Me 'n' me Marras were very keen Subbuteo players, so this picture came as a bit of a surprise.


Fatfield Albion FC - Go to Board 1


Painted on The Banks of The Wear

4.  Fatfield Albion FC - Cup Winning Team, 1910-11.  A rearranged press cutting from a Sunderland Echo story in 1967.

Years later, Jack Weddle became Fatfield Albion's most famous player.  Who did he play for?
Jack's name has been added to our 'Local Players in League Teams' List.
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For more info on Jack Weddle: CLICK ME 2/2

5.  Painting by William Beilby, mid-1770s.  What's that Contruction, bottom-right?  Name the Farm around the River bend.

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Stroll Down Usworth Station Road


Coxgreen Ferry North Landing

6.  Two new images, plus the Woodland Terrace picture mentioned above, added to our 'Stroll Down' Collection.

7.  Our Barmston Riverside Article contained 3 vintage pictures of the South Landing but none of the North Landing.

I was sent this super picture a couple of weeks ago, and it's a Beaut!

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"Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it."

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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