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Memories of  Washington

Aged Mineworkers Memorial Homes

T. H. Cann, Aged Mineworkers' Memorial Homes, Blue House lane

Thomas Henry Cann

( 14th June 1858  -  6th May 1924 )

General Secretary of the Durham Miners' Association
( 1915 - 1924 )

Thomas Henry Cann, known as 'T.H.', was born in Cornwall, where he became a Tin Miner.  Due to a shortage of work he moved to Brotton in Yorkshire, where he mined ironstone.  He then moved to Michigan USA but soon became concerned about dangerous mining conditions and returned to Brotton, where he worked until the mine closed.  'T.H.' then moved to Handen Hold Colliery in County Durham.  During his time at Handen Hold, he became an active trade unionist.  This eventually led to his election to the executive of the Durham Miners' Association and, in 1896, he became its treasurer.  In 1915, he was appointed General Secretary of the D.M.A.  Thomas Henry Cann died in 1924, while still in office, and was succeeded by an Usworth man, William Pallister Richardson, better known as 'W.P.'   [Thanks to Wikipedia.]

Aged Miners' Memorial Homes, Blue House Lane

[ Photographs: J.G. Saint George's Day, 2018 ]

1925 Dedication

Centre of Terrace

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T. H. Cann, Aged Mineworkers' Memorial Homes

Blue House Lane

The 12 Thomas Henry Cann, Aged Miners' Memorial Homes were built in 1925, on Blue House Lane, near Well Bank Road,
which is just beyond the cyclists. These houses were built by the Durham Aged Mineworkers' Housing Association.

Aged Miners' Memorial Homes, Blue House Lane

[ Photographs: J.G. Saint George's Day, 2018 ]

I'm told that Miner Jack Pearson lived here for many years.

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Two of the 39 Commemorative Stones


Left Stone

Right Stone

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Washington Glebe Lodge Banner

( 1930 )

T. H. Cann, Aged Miners' Memorial Homes
Blue House Lane

[ Banner Photo: Thanks to Dave Jones. ]

Commemorative Stone

Reverend Canon Cyril Lomax

Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Washington Village

The Reverend Canon Cyril Lomax - WW1 Chaplain
Durham Light Infantry, 8th Battalion

Commemorative Stone

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NOT Washington 'F' Pit!

[ Photo: J.G. Saint George's Day, 2018 ]

There was a Fanny Pit at Sheriff Hill and also at Heworth.  Heworth Miners' Lodge is No.15 on the following List.

Mineworkers Memorial Homes

List of the 39 Commemorative Stones

( ' Laid by '  or  ' Laid on behalf of ' )

  1. Messrs J.C. Blythe & Sons
  2. Washington & Usworth British Legion Social Club
  3. Usworth & Washington Allotment Holders Association
  4. Usworth & Washington Gardeners' Club
  5. Washington Chemical Co. Ltd.
  6. Washington & District Workmen's Social Club
  7. Mr J.E. Anderson
  8. The Women's Section Usworth Labour Party
  9. Mrs W.P. Richardson
10. Rev. Father Young
11. Dr Wm Jacques M.B.
12. Rev. A. Begg M.A.
13. Vale Pit Miner's Lodge
14. Redheugh Miner's Lodge
15. Heworth Miner's Lodge
16. Ravensworth Miner's Lodge
17. Usworth Miner's Lodge
18. Washington 'F' Miner's Lodge
19. Colonel H.M. Stobart J.P.
20. Not Identifiable
21. Washington Glebe Miner's Lodge
22. Springwell Miner's Lodge
23. Kibblesworth Miner's Lodge
24. Follonsby Miner's Lodge
25. Felling Miner's Lodge
26. Fanny Pit Miner's Lodge
27. Mr Mowbray Thompson
28. Rev C. Lomax
29. Dr Edwin Kidd
30. Mr T. Noble
31. Mr J. Brown
32. Mr Wm Johnson
33. Mr G. Raw
34. Usworth & District Workmens Club
35. Felling Colliery Officials Union
36. The New Washington Cooperative Store Empoyees
37. Springwell Colliery Officils Union
38. Washington District Football Cup Committee
39. Mr W.E. Jones

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