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Memories of  New Washington

Who lived in The Drive in 1939?

The Drive (Odd Nos) - 1939

List of Residents

THE DRIVE - 2015

Extracts from the Residence Register, 1939

The Drive  (Odd Nos)
House No. Residents
1 Thomas Abbott
Mary Abbott
Catherine Abbott
John W. Abbott
William Abbott
3 Adam McClennan
Edith McClennan
Nicklaus McClennan
5 John E.A. Collinson
7 Thomas J. Chilton
Eleanor Chilton
Thomas D. Chilton
9 William Race
Mary J. Race
John W. Race
Annie H. Hill
11 Reginald Myatt
Ena M. Myatt
Sylvia Myatt
(married: Steele)
13 Ralph Copeman
Margaret E. Copeman
Irene Copeman
(married: Bothwick)
15 William Nesbitt
Elizabeth Nesbitt
Joseph D. Nesbitt
Stephen Nesbitt
17 Thomas T. Whitfield
Mary Whitfield
Margaret Allon
(married: Race)
19 Robert I. Mills
Grace Mills
Peter Mills
21 Robert H. Winder
Sybil Craghill
Edna Winder
Ivor Craghill
23 Edward Jonas
Martha Jonas
Mary A.S. Jonas
William R. Jonas
25 Cornelius Keegan
Mary R. Keegan
Mary Keegan
(married: Cockburn)
Anne Keegan
(married: Boon)
27 Wilfred Douglas
Frances Douglas
George W. Douglas
John W. Longley
29 Robert Bone
Catherine A. Bone
Ada Bone
(married: Palmer)
31 Robert Cartledge
Samina Cartledge
Thomas Cartledge
John R. Cartledge
33 Sarah E. Purdy
Thomas Purdy
John Purdy
35 Robert Lonsdale
Grace Lonsdale
Catherine Lonsdale
(married: Warren)
37 Martin Guy
Sarah Guy
39 James Abbott
Ethel Abbott
Joan Abbott
(married: Bamling)
Mary A. Bone
Joseph Bone
41 Thomas Moul
Bell Moul
43 Isabella Pestell
(married: Hamilton)
45 William Mason
Isabel Mason
47 Thomas Lamb
Mary Lamb
Thomas Allan Lamb
49 Elizabeth Nixon
51 Jane Taitley
Eleanor Taitley
53 Michael Marriner
Frances Marriner
Dorothy Coulson
55 Charles Thirlaway
Mary A. Thirlaway
57 Henry Robson
Gladys Robson
John A. Robson
59 Mary J. Hamilton
Willis Hamilton
61 David Edger
Elizabeth Edger
Margaret Edger
(married: Booth)
63 Arthur Bell
Eliza Bell
Osbourne Bell
Thomas Gaffney
Joseph Gaffney
65 John Murphy
Thomas W. Murphy
Margaret O'Neill
67 Joseph Wakefield
Ethel Wakefield
Robert Warren
Isabella G. Warren
Valerie Warren
(married: Walmsley)
The Drive  (Odd Nos)
House No. Residents
69 Joseph Rumley
Martha Rumley
Joseph Rumley
James H. Rumley
Sydney Rumley
Elizabeth Dodds
71 Thomas E. Nesbitt
Eveline M. Nesbitt
73 James Laws
Frances Laws
Robert Hannah
75 Thomas L. Watson
Mary J. Watson
Donald Watson
77 Elizabeth A. Davidson
Thomas Goulden
James Davidson
79 Samuel McCourt
Elizabeth McCourt
Ellen McCourt
(married: Hicks)
Bridget McCourt
(married: Stokeld)
Veronica McCourt
(married: Holbrook)
Joan McCourt
81 Margaret Hagan
Margaret Hagan
James Hagan
Nora Hagan
(married: Kelly)
83 John C. Marley
Margaret Marley
Reginald Marley
Alexander Marley
85 Richard Hutchinson
Isabella Hutchinson
Daniel Hutchinson
87 James Roddam
Margaret Roddam
Emily Roddam
(married: Forte)
89 Edward Hall
Margaret Hall
William Hall
91 Robert Brack
Samuel J. Brack
Joseph Brack
Jane D. Brack
93 Isabella Barrass
Jane Barrass
95 Sarah Williams
Lancelot R. Williams
97 John D. Hope
Elizabeth A. Hope
Mary Hope
(married: Holmes)
Josephine Hope
(married: Wilson)
Catherine Hope
(married: Harrison)
99 William Corrigan
Lydia Corrigan
Peter Corrigan
James J. Corrigan
Isabella Corrigan
(married: Lawson)
Peter Corrigan
101 Thomas Winder
Florence Winder
Beatrice Winder
(married: Markham)
Thomas Winder
103 Margaret Holmes
Eva Holmes
(married: Gale)
Thomas W. Holmes
Frederick Holmes
105 Elizabeth Pluse
107 William Dodds
Hannah Dodds
William Dodds
109 Richard Storey
Agnes Storey
Annie Storey
(married: Turner)
Ivy Storey
(married: Corrigan)
Richard Storey
111 John Brown
Elizabeth Robinson
113 James Sweeney
Margaret A. Sweeney
Joan Sweeney
(married: Carroll)
William J. Sweeney
115 Margaret Kirkbride
117 Thomas Wright
Sarah A. Wright
Doris Wright
(married: Tiplady)
119 Sidney Lamb
Dorothy Lamb
121 George Lowden
Elizabeth Lowden
123 Peter McGee
Mary McGee
Matthew Jordan
125 Joseph Evans
Mary Evans
127 Ruth Lambton
Jean Lambton
Eileen Lambton
(married: Heywood)

The above information was researched
and supplied by James Rutter.
Cheers, Jimmy.

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27th November 1945

Ralph Copeman
13, The Drive.

The Drive Shops
... filled the gap in the above photograph.

Ralph Copeman, known to his pals as 'Pedlar', was a Coal Miner at Usworth Colliery.
Allegedly, Pedlar enjoyed a slice of rabbit pie (and a spot of poaching)
but you'd better ask his great-nephew Tom about that!

Pedlar's granddaughter, Ann Cavanagh, née Copeman, tells us that he got his nickname from
boxer Thomas (Pedlar) Palmer - World Bantomweight Champion from 1895 - 1899.
He was also a rat-catcher working for the local council and local farmers.

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