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Memories of  Barmston Farms

Who lived in and around Barmston in 1939?

Barmston Farms & Barmston Ferry

( List of Residents - 1939 )

Local Farmers:  William Potts  (Middle Barmston)  with his cousin, John Stothard Potts  (High Barmston)
Location:  Low Barmston Farm

Extracts from The Residence Register, 1939

High Barmston Farm
House No. Residents
- John S. Potts
Gwendoline E. Potts
Mary G. Potts
(married: Shepherd)
John Stothard Potts
Margaret L. Potts
Elsie Park
(married: McCoy)
George Park
Middle Barmston Farm
House No. Residents
- Mary Potts
William R. Potts
Beatrice Dobson
George M. Winn
Nancy Braban
(married: Young)
Middle Barmston Farm Cottages
House No. Residents
- George Drummond
John W. Drummond
Isabella Drummond
Ethel Drummond
Doris Drummond
(married: Hepplewhite)
Low Barmston Farm
House No. Residents
- George W. Smith
Mary A. Smith
David B. Smith
Elizabeth Robson
Low Barmston Farm Cottages
House No. Residents
1 Robert W. Fulcher
2 Charles Forster
3 Florence Forster
Barmston Hilltop
House No. Residents
1 Joseph Lambert
Margaret Lambert
2 Joseph Park
Emma Park
Joseph Park
Henry B. Park
Rowland Park
Barmston Ferry
House No. Residents
1 George Hall
Rachel Hall
Doris Currie
2 John G. Frost
Lilian E. Frost
John W. Frost
3 Frances Rutherford
4 John W. Bell
Margaret Bell
John W. Bell Jnr
Alan Bell
5 Ebenezer E. Dodds
Mary A.E. Dodds
6 George Hall
Elizabeth Hall
Barmston (Railway) Crossing
House No. Residents
- Thomas Posgate
Elizabeth A. Posgate
Southwick (Railway) Junction
House No. Residents
1 William Golden
Isabella Golden
3 George N. Coulson
Elizabeth Coulson
George Coulson
John A. Coulson
4 Rachel Ellison
Thomas Ellison

The above information was researched
and supplied by James Rutter.
Cheers, Jimmy.

High Barmston Farm



Low Barmston, Middle Barmston & High Barmston Farms
Southwick Junction leads to Wearmouth Colliery, Monkwearmouth Station & Sunderland Central.

Move west along the footpath from Middle Barmston Farm, over the Tyne Dock to Consett Line
and under The Marble Arch at The Leamside Line, to reach today's Barmston Village.