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Memories of  Little Usworth & Waterloo

Usworth Mining Community 2/4

Who Remembers 'Jumping Diggers' Over The Burn?

Map of Waterloo.
Usworth Hall Grounds, inside the encircling roads, were known to the locals as The Plantation / Plant'on.
Young lads would jump 'diggers', over The Burn, all the way from Don Gardens to Waterloo.
Some jumps were easy; some jumps were tricky; somebody always got wet.
We also had to dodge pit ponies as they galloped through
The Plantation's trees!

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Map Showing The Original Methodist Chapel

( A Warm Welcome, Prayers and ... Temperance! )

Map of original Methodist Church.
Little Usworth, Usworth Colliery, Usworth Hall & Waterloo, 1898

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50 Years Later and it's Usworth Conservative Club

( Members Only and ... Booze! )

Map of Usworth Hall.
Little Usworth, Usworth Colliery, Usworth Hall & Waterloo, c.1950s


The Colliery And The Conservative Club

Usworth Colliery Map2.
Usworth Colliery and Usworth Conservative Club, c.1965