Washington County Durham


Memories of  Usworth Colliery

Usworth Green Prefabs

Usworth Green

( The Prefabs )

Map of Usworth Green Prefabs

A Welcome Letter from Washington UDC

Letter From Washington Council
[ Thanks to Mr Guy's son Ernie, a Member of Washington History Society, for sharing this Family Letter. ]


From Usworth Pit Heap
On the Edge of Usworth Pit Heap
[ Yours Truly - camera-shy!   Photographer: Laura Simpson. ]

From Usworth Pit Heap
Two Pals - Jim Gill (No. 30)  &  Jim Stubbings (No. 31)
[ That's me in the car.   Photographer: James Gill Snr. ]

Jim's Dad, Bobby Stubbings, ran the Usworth Juniors Under-18 Football Team for many years.  And very good they were, too!