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Susan Peareth's School

Susan Peareth's School - High Usworth

The School

Founded & Funded by widow Mrs Susan Peareth, Lady of Peareth Hall, to teach
Reading, Writing & Numeracy to local children of poor families.

[ Photo by John Routledge of The Blue Bell Inn ]

School & Blue Bell

The Blue Bell  -  Susan Peareth's School  -  Top of Well Bank  -  'F' Pit Heap

Susan Peareth's School

Blue Plaque

Blue Plaque attached to The Blue Bell
[ Photograph courtesy of Tom Copeman - 9 November 2019. ]

Former Site of Susan Peareth's School

Empty Site

Blue Bell Inn - Grass Plot where Susan Peareth's School once stood  -  Top of Well Bank Road  -  Penshaw Monument
Mrs Peareth's highly deserved Blue Plaque has been attached to the Gable End, near the Picnic Tables.

[ Photo: J.G. 1st Dec 2016 ]

Peareth Hall

Usworth / Peareth Hall

Peareth Hall, formerly known as Usworth House, was the home of William & Susan Peareth.
He was head of a family of Newcastle Merchants.

Peareth Hall

Members of Staff at Peareth Hall
( Plus A.N. Other! )

Map Peareth Hall

Usworth House and Grounds: later known as Peareth Hall
[ Thanks to Mike Elund ]

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