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Memories of  New Washington

Victoria Road

Victoria Road, New Washington

New Rows Chapel to Front Street
A Century Ago!

New Rows Chapel

New Rows Chapel at the junction of Heworth Road, Blue House Lane and Victoria Road

We'll now wander down Victoria Road to Front Street.

Washington Scouts, New Rows 1916

Washington Scouts marching down Victoria Road towards The New Inn Corner - 1916

Victoria Road 1

New Rows  -  Victoria Road leading to Front Street  -  New Inn  -  Alexandra Theatre, later Regal Cinema

[ This Wonderful Image was contributed to Washington History Society archives.   Many thanks to WHS for sharing it with us. ]

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The New Inn Corner

Victoria Road 3

New Rows  -  Victoria Road leading to Front Street  -  The New Inn

Victoria Road 4

Victoria Road leading to Front Street  -  New Inn Corner  -  Spout Lane

Victoria Road 4

New Rows  -  Turn left, Manor Road  -  Victoria Road leading to Front Street  -  Turn right, Spout Lane

[ Supplied by Keith Cockerill ]

Victoria Road 4

The Coop on Spout Lane  -  Turn left, Victoria Road  -  Straight ahead, New Rows  -  Turn right, Front Street

Victoria Road 5

Front Street  -  ' Bird Inn '  -  New Inn  -  Spout Lane  -  Victoria Road  -  New Rows  -  Manor Road

[ Posted by kind permission of Beamish Museum Resource Centre ]

Victoria Road 6

Front Street leading to Victoria Road  -  New Inn  -  New Rows

Note the Steeple on New Rows Chapel.

Victoria Road 6

O.S. Six Inch Map 1888-1913

Bottom Left Corner

Junction of Victoria Road, Manor Road, Spout Lane and Front Street

Note New Rows and the Allotments across Victoria Road.
New Rows Chapel, Heworth Road and Alexandra Theatre haven't been built!

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