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Memories of  New Washington

Peareth Hall Road

A Stroll Down

Peareth Hall Road

Springwell, Guide Post Inn  to  Great (High) Usworth, Red Lion Inn

Guide Post Inn

Peareth Hall Road begins opposite the Guide Post Inn on Springwell Road.
The Two Ladies are looking down Peareth Hall Road.

Start of Peareth Hall Road

Makepeace Terrace - looking down Peareth Hall Road from The Guide Post Inn

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The Poplars, Stoney Lane

The Poplars at the Junction of Stoney Lane and Peareth Hall Road.
Looking back up Peareth Hall Road from Stoney Lane.

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Peareth Hall Road

Peareth Hall Road - between Stoney Lane Junction (left) and Great Usworth (right).

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Peareth Hall

This is NOT Usworth Hall!  This is Usworth House, aka Peareth Hall.

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Location of Peareth Hall

Map showing the location of Usworth House / Peareth Hall and the Village of Great Usworth

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church, Great Usworth.  Peareth Hall Road is just visible on the left.
The Tithe Barn can be seen centre-right.

Candy Bank

Great Usworth:  Candy Bank on Peareth Hall Road.
Up the bank the road curves left before passing Holy Trinity Church.

[ Who remembers the Gents Urinal halfway up the Bank, on the right?  Sadly, the Ladies had to wait! ]

Peareth Hall Road

Having driven down Candy Bank, passing the Tithe Barn, a Birtley Cooperative Society Van heads towards
the Red Lion (behind bushes) and the Blue Bell - which is adjacent to the former site of the New Found Out Inn (closed 1932).

Tithe Barn

The Tithe Barn set back from Peareth Hall Road.  Holy Trinity Church is on the left.
Tithes were taxes (one tenth of the annual produce) which were levied to support the local Church & Clergy.

The Red Lion

The Red Lion public house on Peareth Hall Road.

The Red Lion

The Red Lion.   Note Holy Trinity Church, just left of pub chimneys.
Candy Bank: straight ahead.   Well Bank Road: left.   Old Coach Road (leading to Heworth Road): foreground.

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Susan Peareth's School

Susan Peareth's School at the Top of Well Bank.  See Map below.
Founded & financed, for local poor children, by the Lady from Usworth House, Mrs Susan Peareth (1814).

Location of Peareth Hall

Map showing the location of Peareth Hall (Usworth House) and Susan Peareth's School

Map - Peareth Hall Road

Map Highlighting Peareth Hall Road
Well Bank Road (heading South) and Old Coach Road (heading East) connect with
Peareth Hall Road at Susan Peareth's School.

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