Washington County Durham


Memories of  Washington

Behind Speculation Place - The Show Folk


Washington Showmen

Fairground Community and Some Local Families set to lose Caravan Site

[ Unidentified Press Cutting ]


Behind Speculation Place

Showmen's Campsite & Traveller's Rest
Alf's Bingo and Fairground Attractions - Waltzer, Children's Rides, Slot Machines etc.

Alf's Bingo Hut on the Campsite
Entrance between Bambling's Shop & The Spec' Inn.

Alf's Bingo offered a £1 prize for each 3d game;  £2 for the '6d, Hourly Special';  and £4 for the '1 shilling, 11 o'clock Special'.  Wow!

Showmen's Campsite
Looking South to Hertburn Gardens

Showmen's Campsite
Looking North to Speculation Place & Front Street

Showmen's Campsite

Showmen's Campsite

Showmen's Campsite

Washington & Usworth Gardeners' Club
Formerly Usworth Gardeners' Club


A glimpse of the minor road, behind Speculation Place, leading East from Alf's Bingo to The Gardeners' Club.

[ From Washington Development Corporation Archives ]