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Who lived in The Terraces in 1939?

The Terraces  &  Doris Terrace

( List of Residents - 1939 )


Victoria Hotel: bottom, left.     J.F.K. (Glebe) School: top-right.     Google Earth - 2015

Extracts from The Residence Register, 1939

The Terraces
House No. Residents
1 John Corkindale
Jane A. Corkindale
2 James Nicholls
Mary L. Nicholls
(married: Draper)
Cecil H. Keeney
Mary A. Nicholls
(married: Lewins)
Joseph Nicholls
Hannah Nicholls
3 George Barras
Ada Barras
Lilian Barras
4 Edward Ryan
Margaret A. Ryan
(married: McParlin)
Albert Soulsby
Mary A. Blenkinsop
George Fawcett
Margaret Fawcett
5 Wilfred McIlroy
Mary Liddle
(married: McMullen)
6 John Quinn
Bessie Quinn
Ellen Quinn
(married: Norton)
Raymond Quinn
Lawrence Quinn
Annie Quinn
(married: Robson)
7 James S. Stephenson
Janet Stephenson
Robert R. Stephenson
Sheila Stephenson
(married: Piggott)
8 James W. Porter
Margaret Porter
James Porter
Mack Porter
Emily Porter
(married: Daglish)
Maria Porter
Frances L. Hall
(married: Coleman)
9 - - -
10 William Beresford
Harriet Beresford
William Beresford Jnr
Richard Beresford
Isabella Beresford
Alfred Beresford
Margaret Beresford
(married: Johnson)
11 William Hughes
Ethel May Hughes
12 James W. Norton
Hannah Norton
13 Richard Kirby
Eleanor Kirby
William J. Kirby
14 Lee Turnbull
James Turnbull
Virginia E. Turnbull
Raymond Luke Turnbull
Thomas Lumsden
John Edward Lumsden
Henry Lumsden
Mary Ann Lumsden
William Davidson
15 William R. Hullyer
Mary E. Hullyer
George H. Hullyer
Lily Hullyer
(married: Jones)
16 Harry Meysell
Ethel Meysell
Frederick Meysell
Harry Meysell
Frederick Moon
17 Lilian Fletcher
(married: Bailey)
John M. Harle
Catherine Fisher
(married: Winn)
Thomas Fisher
Sydney Fisher
18 Martin Lannigan
Mary E. Lannigan
Michael Lannigan
Sarah Laing
(married: Simpson)
Peter Laing
19 John W. Moon
Sarah Moon
Stephen Moon
Frederick Moon
Olive M. Moon
(married: Kirkup)
20 Jacob Stephenson
Jane Stephenson
Hedley Coulson
21 James B. Walmsley
Ellen M. Walmsley
Arnold Walmsley
Winifred Walmsley
Miriam Walmsley
(married: Handysides)
22 William Ryan
Elizabeth Ryan
George Ryan
Winifred Ryan
(married: Woodward)
Veronica Ryan
(married: Baker)
23 William Askew
Ethel Askew
John W. Askew
24 William Golightly
Lily Golightly
Richard Golightly
Joseph Reay
25 William Jenkins
Elizabeth Jenkins
John J. Jenkins Snr
John J. Jenkins Jnr
George Jenkins
26 James Ellis
Isabella J. Ellis
Nellie E. Ellis
Alfred L. Ellis
27 Robert Gough
Winifred Gough
John Gough
Edward Gough
Alice Gough
(married: Hudson)
Michael Heywood
28 William A. Allen
Jessie Allen
29 John G. Brown
Harriet E. Brown
Nora Brown
Thomas W. Brown
The Terraces (cont.)  &  Doris Terrace
House No. Residents
30 Maud Rowley
Arthur Rowley
Jack Rowley
Eleanor Rowley
Dorothy Bell
(married: Rowley)
31 Thomas H. Slowther
Ellen Slowther
Ivy Slowther
(married: Hutchinson)
32 Robert Rutter
Mary E. Rutter
33 Henry Forrest
Margaret H. Forrest
John E.H. Forrest
34 William Walmsley
Lydia Walmsley
William Walmsley
Robert Walmsley
Iris Walmsley
35 Thomas Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong
Sydney Dowd
Thomas Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong
Lawrence Armstrong
36 Christopher Mordey
Ruth A. Mordey
John R. Mordey
Leslie Mordey
Dennis Mordey
Ivy S. Mordey
(married: Gibson)
George Mordey
37 Cornelius Carr
Mary Ann Carr
38 James S. Urwin
Elizabeth Anderson
39 Hector Johnston
Frances G. Johnston
Mabel Johnston
(married: Bowman)
James McNienam
40 Thomas S. Watson
Mary T. Watson
Norman Watson
41 Joseph Sweeney
Grace Sweeney
John Sweeney
42 James Marshall
43 George Atkinson
Mary A. Atkinson
44 John G. Wilson
Sarah A. Wilson
45 Mary E. Welch
46 Margaret Kenyon
47 Sarah Norton
48 Ellen Lamb
49 Margaret A. McMoanam
50 Sarah Gillespy
Thomas Gillespy
51 Charles Barkle
Edith Barkle
52 Mary J. Holmes
53 Michael Quinn
Barbara J. Quinn
54 Margaret Smith
55 Joseph Walker
56 Jane Marsden
57 Christopher Gowland
Annie Gowland
58 Alice Lowery
59 Thomas H. Bell
Ann Bell
60 Amelia Smith
61 William Lappenden
May J. Lappenden
House No. Residents
1 Robert Alders
Jane L. Alders
Richard W. Alders
1a Alfred A. Brown
Lily Brown
Mary Brown
(married: Doran)
3 Walter S. Brooks
Phyllis Brooks
Joan S. Brooks
3a William H. Lumsden
Mary A. Lumsden
(married: Rutter)
4 Joseph Barnabus
Elizabeth Barnabus
Robert E, Redder
5 George Shipley
Norman Shipley
Jane Fenwick
Edward Shipley
Joy Shipley
(married: Munro)
6 James Beresford
Susanna Beresford
Mary Ann Beresford
(married: Lee)
Hilda Beresford
(married: Walls)
Robert Beresford
Jonathon Beresford
7 Peter Dockerty
Ada Dockerty
Catherine Dockerty
8 Frederick Edwards
Mary Edwards
9 Michael Ryan
Isabella Ryan
James W. Ryan
John R. Ryan
Doreen Teresa Ryan
(married: Fletcher)
10 Robert King
Mary King
Agnes King
(married: Cummings)

The above information was researched
and supplied by James Rutter.
Cheers, Jimmy.

Doris Terrace, Washington Station.
Situated on the right, between the two Footbridges.
It's the nearest terrace, behind the water column.