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Memories of  Usworth

Who lived in Rock Terrace & Hann Terrace in 1939?

Rock Terrace  &  Hann Terrace

( List of Residents - 1939 )


Early picture of Rock Terrace, on Usworth Station Road.  View towards the junction with Edith Avenue.
No Havelock Terrace, no Station Terrace, and probably no Hann Terrace, either!

Extracts from The Residence Register, 1939

Rock Terrace
House No. Residents
1 Adam Atkinson
Edith May Atkinson
2 James Terry
Hilda Terry
3 John Walton
Harriet Walton
Elizabeth Clark
Emmanuel Walton
Catherine Walton
(married: Thurlbeck)
Elizabeth Walton
(married: Lishman)
4 Charles Robson
Martha Robson
5 William W. Naden
Sarah Jane Naden
6 William Bell
Grace Bell
(married: Herrigan)
Rita Hedley
(married: Benson)
Alan Bell
James Hedley
7 Henry Fraterclough
Isabella Ellen Fraterclough
8 Arthur Young
Catherine Young
James Young
Albert Young
Norman Young
9 James Todd
Margaret Todd
John Willis Doxford
10 William Jonas
Eva Jonas
10a Thomas Hall Davison
Katherine A. Davison
(married: Coe)
Thomas Davison
11a Sidney Marjoram
Jane Marjoram
12 Adam Hermiston
Lizzie Jane Hermiston
Margaret Errol
13 Sarah Bolam
Matthew Bolam
William Bolam
Joan Anderson Thorpe
(married: English)
14 Robert Stanley Watson
Ethel Jane Watson
Robert Stanley Watson Jnr
Hann Terrace
House No. Residents
1 Elizabeth Hann
Margaret Hann
Elizabeth J. Hann
(married: Taylor)
2 Ralph Durham
Annie Durham
Richard Durham
Thomas Durham
Frank Durham
Miles H. Durham
3 Margaret Draper
4 Thomas Parker
Elizabeth Parker
5 Sarah J. Seed
6 Mary A. Longworth
7 John T. Waites
Elizabeth Waites
8 John Maddis
Amelia Maddis
9 Elizabeth S. Vickers
10 Mary A. Hannah
11 Elizabeth Willey
12 John G. Troupe
Eleanor R. Troupe
13 - - -
14 Ann Foster
15 Mary A. Carr
16 Elizabeth Douglas
17 Mary Kitching
18 Thomas John Rutter
Isabella Rutter
19 James Forster
Elizabeth Forster
20 Thomas Bellingham
Elizabeth Bellingham
21 John G. Thompson
22 Isaac Middleton
Ursula Middleton

The above information was researched
and supplied by James Rutter.
Cheers, Jimmy.

Thompson's Red Stamp Stores
Corner of Rock Terrace & Edith Avenue


1939 - A FEW YEARS LATER - 1945

The Backstreet between Westgarth Terrace (left) and Rock Terrace (right).


Street Layout
Hann Terrace: Only a few houses survive.


House Numbers