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Who lived in Richardson Terrace in 1939?

Richardson Terrace

List of Residents - 1939


The Masonic Hall and Richardson Terrace

Extracts from the Residence Register, 1939

House No. Residents
1 Mary Dunn
2 William S. Telford
Sarah H. Telford
Rhoda F. Telford
John Telford
3 Gilbert Wilson
Mary E. Wilson
Thomas W. Wilson
George L. Wilson
Dora Wilson
(married: Clarke)
John Wilson
4 Richard R. Grenfell
Emma J. Grenfell
5 Thomas Wilkinson
Mary A. Wilkinson
Reuben Wilkinson
Roland Wilkinson
Lilian Wilkinson
Thomas Wilkinson
Hilda Wilkinson
(married: Stephenson)
Gladys Wilkinson
6 Margaret Gilhespy
Robert B. Gilhespy
Jane Peters
7 Margaret H. Brown
Henry Brown
Mary Brown
(married: Irvine)
8 Isabella Gaunt
9 William J. Devonport
Martha Devonport
William Devonport
Alfred Devonport
Arthur Devonport
10 Jane Whitfield
Isabella Whitfield
11 George Reiling
Georgina Reiling
(married: Gaumes)
William Reiling
James Reiling
Alan Reiling
12 Agnes Shepherd
John Shepherd
Enid Shepherd
(married: Reay)
Alan Shepherd
13 William Fleming
Lily Fleming
14 John G. Nesbitt
Mildred Nesbitt
Mildred Nesbitt
Elspeth Nesbitt
William B. Nesbitt
Ada Nesbitt
(married: McGuire)
Eric Nesbitt
15 Thomas Brown
Isabella Brown
Jean Brown
(married: Copeman)
16 George Dixon
Lily J. Dixon
John Dixon
Frederick Wilson
Joanna B. Wilson
17 Jane Affleck
Lily Affleck
Agnes Affleck
18 Sarah A. Richardson
Robert Sanderson
Nancy Sanderson
Jack Sanderson
Hugh P. Grieveson
19 Annie Heightley
David Heightley
Olive Heightley
(married: Younger)
William Scott
House No. Residents
20 William Hall
Caroline Hall
James W. Hall
Doreen Hall
(married: Keen)
21 Campbell R. Embleton
Laura Embleton
Eric Embleton
James Embleton
22 Owen McMahon
Sophia McMahon
Edward McMahon
Patricia McMahon
Lawrence McMahon
John Graham
23 - - -
24 Joseph Scurfield
Elizabeth Scurfield
25 William Trotter
Ellen Trotter
26 Robert Pearson
Mary J. Pearson
Joseph Pearson
John Pearson
Robert Pearson
James Pearson
Jabez Pearson
27 Margaret Connell
(married: Pearson)
John Johnston
28 Thomas J. Bell
Ellen J. Bell
29 John Grundy
Lily Grundy
Lily Grundy
(married: Neal)
Stanley Grundy
Peggy Grundy
(married: Walmsley)
30 Frances Price
Edith Price
31 William Lonsdale
Margaret J. Lonsdale
George McLaughlin
Annie McLaughlin
32 Henry Cresswell
Mary Cresswell
33 - - -
34 John W. Thompson
Ann Thompson
Audrey Thompson
(married: Clements)
35 Anthony B. Lonsdale
Martha Lonsdale
Mary Lonsdale
John A. Lonsdale
36 Joseph Watt
Elizabeth Watt
Mary Watt
Joseph Naylor
Ellen G. Naylor
June Naylor
(married: McGinn)

The above information was researched
and supplied by James Rutter.
Cheers, Jimmy.


Richardson Terrace Nos 31 - 36