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Who lived in Pensher View in 1939?

Pensher View, Usworth

( List of Residents - 1939 )


Pensher (Penshaw) View - from the 'Railway Terrace end', looking towards St. Michael & All Angels Church.

Extracts from The Residence Register, 1939

Pensher View
House No. Residents
1 James Robson
Jane Robson
Thomas Robson
1 Thomas Ward
Louisa Ward
2 John Cowen
Elizabeth Cowen
Samuel Cowen
2 Arthur Bell
Elizabeth Bell
3 David Tatters
Jane Tatters
Margaret Tatters
(married: Rutter)
Henry Tatters
5 Henry Naden
Jane Naden
David Naden
Esther Naden
(married: Stelling)
6 Robert Felton
Mary J. Felton
Margaret Felton
(married: Dick)
7 John Marriner
Julia Marriner
John Marriner Jnr
Henry Marriner
8 George Robson
Margaret Robson
Robert Robson
Norman Robson
Frank Robson
9 George Buckham
William Buckham
10 Joseph Thompson
Ann Thompson
Ethel Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
10 Arthur Morris
Annie Morris
11 William Todd
Rose A. Todd
Catherine Todd
(married: Johnston)
William Todd
12 John E. Lowden
Rosina Lowden
Henry Lowden
Charles Lowden
Robert Lowden
Betty Lowden
(married: McMann)
John E. Lowden Jnr
13 William Sowerby
Margaret E. Sowerby
George Sowerby
Thomas Sowerby
14 Charles Nesbitt
Rose A. Nesbitt
James Nesbitt
Stephen P. Nesbitt
John P. Nesbitt
Annie R. Nesbitt
(married: Williams)
15 Peter Monaghan
Margaret Monaghan
Elizabeth Monaghan
Margaret Jane Monaghan
(married: Stubbings)
Mary Monaghan
Pensher View
House No. Residents
16 Bernard Fitzsimons
Alice Fitzsimons
Mary Fitzsimons
(married: Holland)
Alice Fitzsimons Jnr
(married: Bramhall)
Bernard Fitzsimons Jnr
17 John G. Naden
Margaret J. Naden
Robert Naden
George Naden
18 William Handy
Elizabeth M. Handy
Elizabeth M. Handy Jnr
(married: Morris)
19 Thomas Lowden
Mary A. Lowden
Margaret Lowden
John Lowden
20 Francis Dixon
Margaret S. Dixon
(married: Garratt)
21 Joseph W. Whittle
Annie Whittle
Thomas Whittle
21 Henry Jeffrey
Annie T. Jeffrey
Gloria Jeffrey
(married: McHugh)
22 Clarence Whitfield
Frances Whitfield
22 Thomas E. Wanless
23 John Clarke
Isabella Clarke
Arthur W. Clarke
24 John Swinburn
Elizabeth Swinburn
25 John J. Roberts
Sarah Roberts
26 Ellen Lennox
Elizabeth Lennox
Joan Lennox
(married: Martin)
26 Sarah A. Burnett
Alice Burnett
(married: Bambrough)
27 Meggie Thirlaway
Ethel Bass
Joan Thirlaway
28 William A. Brown
Elizabeth Brown
29 Thomas S. Bell
Hannah Bell
(married: Hedley)
30 John Watt
31 John Murphy
Margaret A. Murphy
John M. Murphy
Margaret A. Murphy
Maria Murphy
(married: Millet)

The above information was researched
and supplied by James Rutter.
Cheers, Jimmy.



Pensher View House Numbers, c.1965


Pensher View  &  Usworth Green Prefabs


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