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Memories of  New Washington

Who lived in News Rows North in 1939?

New Rows, North

( List of Residents - 1939 )


Two 'NEW ROWS' (North & South) once stood on the site now occupied by Arndale House Shops and Concord Bus Station.

Extracts from The Residence Register, 1939

New Rows, North
House No. Residents
1 William Dodgson
Frances Dodgson
Thomas Dodgson
2 Harry Goodfellow
Katie Goodfellow
3 Thomas Stone
Mary Stone
4 Edward Briscoe
Christina Briscoe
William Briscoe
Joyce Briscoe
(married: Garside)
5 Frances Ditchburn
(married: Hall)
Martha Ditchburn
(married: Purvis)
John T. Ditchburn
6 George J. Marjoram
Anna J. Marjoram
7 William Copeman
Elizabeth T. Copeman
Thomas Copeman
Elizabeth Green
William J. Green
8 Edward Lawton
Elizabeth Lawton
9 Christopher Chambers
George Chambers
10 William T. Dunston
Marie Dunston
Olive Dunston
11 Bernard Murray
Bella Murray
John E.M. Murray
Mary P. Murray
(married: Furneval)
Joanna Murray
(married: Garnham)
12 Graham Goldams
Mary J. Goldams
13 Clara Vennison
Joseph Gibson
? Gibson
(married: Moore)
14 Edward Prudhoe
Isabel Prudhoe
15 Jasper Thorne
Ethel Thorne
James P. Daglish
Winifred A. Daglish
New Rows, North
House No. Residents
16 Henry Haskett
Isabella Haskett
Catherine Haskett
(married: Graham)
George Haskett
17 Mary A. Graham
18 Stephen Hume
Stephen Hume Jnr
Sydney Todd
Christina Todd
19 Isaac Ritson
Margaret Ritson
Sarah A. Ritson
(married: Wright)
20 George Hall
Theodora Hall
(married: Watson)
21 Nicholas U. Caister
Elizabeth Caister
Nicholas U. Caister
Joyce Caister
(married: Lynn)
22 Ralph Moore
Margaret B. Moore
Laura M. Moore
(married: Bowerbank)
23 Mary J. Bell
Hannah Bell
(married: Houston)
24 Ellenor Smith
John T. Hiutchinson
Grace A. Hutchinson
Ellen Smith
(married: Wilson)
Edna Hutchinson
(married: Ralph)
John T. Hutchinson
25 Joseph Marjoram
Mary Marjoram
Joseph Marjoram
George Marjoram
John Tighe
Alice A. Tighe
Joseph Tighe

The above information was researched
and supplied by James Rutter.
Cheers, Jimmy.

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Map: c.1937

Area around New Rows
The two 'New Rows' stretched from New Road (Heworth Road) to Manor Road, opposite the New Inn.

Aerial View

Former Site of New Rows
The now defunct New Rows Chapel shown at the junction of Heworth Rd, Victoria Rd and Blue House Lane.

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