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Memories of  Usworth

Who lived in Edith Avenue in 1939?

Edith Avenue - 1939

List of Residents  (1/2)

The Houses of Edith Avenue are situated, on both sides, from the Wesleyan Methodist Church down to Saint Michael's Church.

Extracts from Usworth Residence Register, 1939

Edith Avenue (2-23)
House No. Residents
2 John J. Graham
Isabella Graham
4 Christopher Smith
William Smith
Isaac Smith
Edith Smith
6 Thomas Thornton
Mary Thornton
Isabella Thornton
Ethel Thornton
Avis Thornton
8 Robert William Brandon
Eleanor Brandon
10 John Thomas Grundy
William Grundy
Margery Grundy
(married: Hindmarsh)
11 Joseph A. Humphrey
Catherine Humphrey
Frances Monaghan
12 Henry Maddison
Isabella Maddison
Henry Maddison Jnr
David Maddison
Evelyn Maddison
13 John Andrew Davis
Beatrice Davis
James Davis
Ann Davis
(married: Moore)
14 James Harbin
Lily Harbin
John James Harbin
William John Barnes
15 William Hall
Elizabeth Hall
John Westgarth Hall
Joseph Hall
Ada Hall
(married: Maddison)
Ena Hall
(married: Morgan)
Thomas Hall
16 George Robert Ellison
Ann Ellison
John Walton Ellison
Sadie Ellison
(married: Thornby)
Jean Ellison
(married: Stephenson)
17 George Wilkinson
Ann Wilkinson
Lily J.D. Wilkinson
(married: Lambton)
Joseph Wilkinson
18 William Forsyth
Ann J. Forsyth
Ellen Forsyth
(married: Cockburn)
Norman Forsyth
19 Samuel Hannah
Mary Ann Hannah
Thomas Robinson
Florence Robinson
Edna Robinson
(married: Longstaff)
20 Lewis F. Lowden
Elizabeth Lowden
Irene Lowden
(married: Kirby)
Lewis F. Lowden Jnr
21. Joseph Marriner
Mary Marriner
Margaret Melvin
Margaret McCourt
(married: Lindsey)
Celia Melvin
(married: McCarthy)
22 William Oliver
May Oliver
Albert Ernest Oliver
23 William Felton
Ester Felton
Edith Avenue (24-40a)
House No. Residents
24 John Graham Surtees
Margaret Surtees
25 No Record
26 Robert Hedley
Elizabeth Hedley
Norman Hedley
27 Thomas McKie
Florence McKie
Mary Gunn
Harry Gunn
28 Thomas H. Muter
Mary Evans Muter
Sarah Ada Muter
(married: Rowe)
Thomas H. Muter Jnr
Stanley Muter
William Wilson
29 John Henry Stelling
Margaret A. Stelling
John G. Stelling
30 John W. Drummond
Elizabeth W. Drummond
Donald Drummond
James Drummond
Ann F. Drummond
(married: Lowerson)
Jean Drummond
(married: Mold)
Marjorie Drummond
31 William Pearson
Thomas Platt
Elizabeth Platt
John Thomas Pearson
Luke Pearson
Jeffrey Platt
32 Norman Walker Blythe
Margaret E. Blythe
33 Thomas Williams
Lily May Williams
Tom Williams
34 Patrick Jordan
Annie Jordan
William Jordan
Lawrence Jordan
Mary Dowson
35 Robert Robinson
Anne Robinson
Hannah A. Robinson
(married: Forster)
36 John Fisher
Elizabeth Fisher
John George Fisher
37 William Tatters
Margaret Tatters
Elizabeth Tatters
(married: Gray)
John Tatters
James Tatters
Sarah Tatters
(married: Walmsley)
38 Charles Bulch
Margaret Bulch
Sarah Bulch
(married: Yates)
William Bulch
Thompson Bulch
Doreen Bulch
(married: Liddle)
38a Sarah Ann Ellison
James Cassidy
Ronald Ellison
39 Peter Ward
Rose Ann Ward
40 Catherine Fitzpatrick
Hannah Fitzpatrick
James R. Fitzpatrick
40a Charles Muter

The above information was researched
and supplied by James Rutter.
Cheers, Jimmy.

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