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Copeman Family Documents:  Joyful & Sad

Marriage Certificate:  Richard Copeman & Elizabeth Winter

Marriage Certificate

Holy Trinity Church, Washington Village, 14th January 1911

Undertaker's Invoice:  Elizabeth Copeman

Undertaker's Invoice - Elizabeth

Elizabeth passed away on 5th January 1946 while living in Chapel Street, Usworth - close to Edith Avenue Methodist Church.

Undertaker's Invoice:  Richard Copeman

Undertaker's Invoice - Richard

At the time of his passing, aged 68, Richard was living in Glendale Avenue - near Blue House Lane Garage.

Compare Richard & Elizabeth's funeral costs with present day (2017) prices of £3,000 - £7,000.
Hunter's phone number changed from 2 to 4 digits while Richard was a widower.
(What's Where; Misc; Phone Book Listings - for more on Old Phone Nos.)

Hannah Lily & Elizabeth
Daughter-in-Law, Lily Copeman with Elizabeth Copeman
Back yard of 7 Chapel Street, Usworth (1943)

Like most miners, Richard Copeman loved his garden.  Chapel Street front gardens
were quite large and most of the Copeman family diet was home-grown.

Family Photographs

Richard in garden
Richard Copeman tending his front garden in Glendale Avenue (1953)

A Miner at Usworth Colliery during WW1 (Reserved Occupation),
Richard ended his working life as a Council Labourer.
The 1901 census has Richard living at 25 Old Row
with his parents and 9 other family members!

Hunter's Advert
Advert: a 1925 Edition of Washington Labour News

The photographs and documents in this section are displayed by
kind permission of Richard & Elizabeth's grandkids
i.e. Lily's children: Norma, Richard & Thomas.
[ Many Thanks.  Jim ]