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The Carlton, Washington Station

... known locally as The Glebe.

Derwent Terrace on Washington Station Road

The former site of the Carlton Cinema

Carlton Cinema
Now Photos:  J.G. 14th Nov 2016

The Gem, Mount Pleasant

... formerly the North Biddick Colliery Miners' Welfare Hall (built 1909), later The Victory cinema.  Demolished 1970s.

View from Worm Hill

Gem Cinema
Now Photo:  J.G. 14th Nov 2016

The Kings, Usworth Station Road

... known earlier as The King's Hall ... later, Latimer's Garage.

Northumberland Way passes right through the former site of the Kings Cinema.

( The Kings was 66% of the way from Hall Road, opposite The Stile, to Edith Avenue. )

Who remembers the cheapest seats?  Two long wooden benches right at the front - 6d per ticket.
A stiff neck guaranteed at the end of the evening!

Kings Cinema
Now Photo:  Google 2016

The Regal Cinema, Victoria Road & Spout Lane

... formerly The Alexandra Theatre, aka The Gaff  (Shorter Oxford Dictionary: a public place of amusement, esp. a popular theatre or a music hall.)

The Side Entrance on Spout Lane

The Main Entrance on Victoria Road

The Side Entrance

The Main Entrance

Every Saturday morning hundreds of kids went to The Matinee to see the likes of  Abbott & Costello, Laural & Hardy, Hopalong Cassidy,
Batman & Robin and loads of Looney Tunes stuff - Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck etc. etc.
Great entertainment at just 6d a ticket.

Regal Cinema
Above Now Photos:  J.G. 14th Nov 2016

The Fire, 19th April 2017

Former Alexandra Theatre / Regal Cinema
Seven fire appliances attended.  Roof collapsed.  Nobody hurt.
Photo: Neil Braithwaite - Wed, 19th April 2017, shortly after 4:30 p.m.
[Sunderland Echo]

The Ritz, Victoria Road

... near the junction with Blue House Lane & Heworth Road.

The former site of the Ritz Cinema

Ritz Cinema
Now Photo:  J.G. 14th Nov 2016

The Queens, Fatfield Road

... adjacent to the Victoria Hotel.

The Victoria Hotel - standing alone

The former site of the Queens Cinema

Washington Amateur Operatic Society performing The Arcadians (an Edwardian musical comedy)
at the Queens Theatre, Washington Station in 1938.

[Evening Chronicle]

Queens Cinema / Theatre
Now Photos:  J.G. 14th Nov 2016