Washington County Durham


Memories of  Blackfell

The Army Camp / Home Guard

Blackfell Army Camp

Inspecting The Guard
The Leicestershire & Derbyshire (Prince Albert's Own) Yeomanry.
Colonel Lord Brassey inspecting the guard - Blackfell Camp (1966)

Aerial - Blackfell Army Camp & High Washington Farm
High Washington Farm  &  Blackfell Army Camp

Looking South from above Village Lane, close to the Camp Entrance
[ Thanks to Adrian Lupton ]


Washington Home Guard

Home Guard behind Blue Bell Inn

Soldiers photographed in the street behind Susan Peareth's School & Blue Bell Inn - High Usworth

Back Row 5: 'Private' Chicken,   BR8: 'Chippie' Nesbitt,   BR9: Jack Wilkinson.

Middle Row 1: Charlie MacInroy,   MR2: Abe Shipham,   MR4: Norman Watson,   MR5: Billy Lewins,   MR7: Harry Marriner.

Front Row 4: Mervyn Gardiner,   FR5: Fred Price,   FR6: Bob Hardy.

The Leicestershire and Derbyshire (PAO) Yeomanry is a squadron of The Royal Yeomanry, a Light Cavalry Regiment of the Army Reserve.

( Thanks to  www.paoyeomanry.co.uk  for making the 1966 images available. )