Washington County Durham


Memories of  Years Gone By ...

at Beamish Museum


The No.8 Bus, from The Galleries to Stanley, stops at the Entrance Building.
The journey takes 40 minutes and, with your bus pass, costs nowt!

A Beamish Unlimited Ticket for the Over-60s costs £14.50
It gives you free, unlimited entry for 12 months.

( Tickets can be bought on-line or at the Main Entrance. )

( For a whole year, you can get to, from, and into Beamish Museum, as many times as you like, for less than £15.  Brilliant! )

Beamish Museum: Site Map

Sun shining?  Nothing to do?  Grab your bus pass and spend a couple of hours in the Durham countryside.
You can't possibly see everything with one visit, so explore this fabulous museum a bit at a time.

* There's only one bus stop in the Museum.  Check 'No.8 to Sunderland' timetable for your return. *
Bus & Tram rides between museum sites are free.  Plenty Food Outlets and Toilets.
Alternatively, you can take your own bait and eat it in the sunshine.
Plan your journey back to the museum entrance bus stop
to catch the No.8 to Sunderland, NOT Stanley!


( Opens a second window )