Washington County Durham


Memories of ...

High Usworth & Waterloo



I loved to wander forth unseen,
By Kandy Bank and Swinburn's Farm,
And saunter on towards the Leam,
Amidst the rural peace and charm.

I loved to see the midges dance,
In merry glee by Whittle Burn,
On airy wings they seem to prance,
And never know what 'twas to mourn.

I loved my home in Peareth Place,
Which sculptured art may laugh to scorn,
But man's designs will ne'er efface
The humble spot where I was born.

I loved the fold and all within,
Departed friends both young and old,
To memories of my kith and kin
My constant heart will ne'er grow old.

I loved the lonely Wellbank Road,
The white gate and the willow tree,
The daisy fields near my abode,
Brought peaceful rest and joy to me.

I loved the ancient Peareth Hall
Where pleasant memories muster round,
But summer suns still brightly fall
O'er all its ruins and hallowed ground.

I loved to see the sun so bright
Rise o'er each farm and peaceful fields,
While birds around the ledge unite,
And loud their vocal concord yield.


To bygone days in sunny June,
My thoughts I backward view,
Some fifty years to dwell upon,
My youth in Waterloo.

Once carefree years when life was young,
I've know both old and new,
But memory keeps a kindly grip,
Of life in Waterloo.

Through fleeting years the joys of life,
Were whiles too vain and few,
Both work and play were stealing coin
From all at Waterloo.

Those days were grand, when friendly hands
Would help a neighbour through,
While many a joke and laugh was heard,
On the square at Waterloo.

'Twas there I met my angel heart,
And blissfully did woo,
So need you wonder that I love,
The name of Waterloo.

Old times have changed, old friends have gone,
Old homes have vanished too,
Long grass and weeds are growing wild,
Where once stood Waterloo.

Yeh, where a grave is given to us,
It matters not, 'tis true,
But still I'd like, when night comes on,
To sleep near Waterloo.

Poems by John Coyle