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A donkey means a cuddy, a crow means a craa,
When pleading ignorance, they divvent knaa.
The carving knife's a gully, and the spoon's a spyun.
To barney's to argue, to dig's to howk,
To huff is to offend, and a poke's a bag.
When anything sticks it's supposed to clagg.
Crack is to talk and 'what-ma-cally' lives next door.
An infectous ailment's varry smittle.
A boody's a piece of broken crockery.
Dunch means collide and daft means silly.
To bounce a ball is to stot.
A decent man's a canny chep,
A bairn's a child, and a lad's a boy.
A gliff's a sudden fright, to stare's to glower,
When asked to stop your nonsense it's give ower.
When a man dies you'll hear the neighbours say
With touching sighs: "Aye he's getten away."
And if yer diffent knaa what ettlement means,
Y'd better see the plan before yer plant yer beans.
If yer want some more you'd better petition,
We might get them in the next edition.

A Poem by Christopher Bennett

[ Apologies to Mr Bennett for the inevitable errors.  This transcript was taken from a very poor copy of his original poem. ]