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Keith Cockerill's River Wear Slideshows

Relaxing photographic slideshows depicting the River Wear from Chartershaugh Bridge to beyond the Wildfowl Centre.

If you've ever enjoyed an hour or two along the banks of the Wear, you'll love Keith's pictures.

1. Four Seasons on the River Wear

2. Keelboats, Staithes & Quays


3. Then & Now on the River Wear

4. Low Barmston Farm to Northern Spire


5. Building The Northern Spire

6. Seaham to Tynemouth Coastline


7. Maling Pottery


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The Northern Spire (centre horizon) as seen from Victoria Viaduct
[ Photographer: Keith Cockerill - 19th November 2020 ]

Definitely Worth Visiting

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  • Peter Loud's Durham Banners

  • Washington War Memorials Project

  • Beamish Museum


  • www.washingtonlass.com
  • North East Aircraft Museum



  • Washington 'F' Pit Museum

  • Bowes Railway Museum

  • Washington Old Hall



North East Labour History Society

[ Link to Jim Tatters' Memories of Usworth Colliery ]


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Your Local History Society


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Wad Thou Gan?

A film about the Men of Washington who fought in The Great War

Members of the Wessington U3A War Memorials Project have, in cooperation with Lonely Tower Films and the National Lottery Fund,
produced a film about Washington men who fought in World War 1. The premiere took place at the North Biddick Club on 11 November 2014,
this being the Centenary of the end of the war. It has now been made available on YouTube for all to see.

[ Information about the Wessington U3A War Memorials Project Group can be found at: www.wwmp.weebly.com ]

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