Washington County Durham


Memories of Amateur Football

Pre-WW1 Football Teams

Usworth & Washington Football Teams / Officials

Extracts from two booklets:  Durham Football Association List of Clubs, Leagues and Charity Cup Competitions  (1912 & 1913)

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The original booklets are held in the safe keeping of Durham Amateur Football Trust.

( www.thedaft.org.uk )

Please remember that many local football club names did not begin with Usworth or Washington e.g. Havannah Rovers. Therefore teams from Springwell, Cox Green, etc. are probably shown elsewhere in the above booklets. If you're interested further, try visiting the D.A.F.T. at Shildon.

On behalf of Washington's numerous Amateur Football fans, 'Many thanks to D.A.F.T. and to David Gibson for supplying the above images.'