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1.  Born 1947 in my Grandmother's house - 40, Tyne Gardens.  I spent my first year at The Squatters - 55b, Hostel Estate.

2.  Playing in the muck outside our new prefab - 30, Usworth Green.

3.  Getting a bit of practise in for when I bought my first motor bike - a Panther 250.  I used it to travel to Wardley Colliery.

4.  The least said about that outfit, the better!

5.  Living in a 'real' house now - 15, Don Gardens - with my wonderful little sister, Vivienne.  She's the gregarious one!

6.  Why was I all spruced up?

7.  On the south bank of the River Wear near the Victoria Viaduct.  (This time I know why!)

8.  Up an old tree in a clearing beside Oxclose Burn, in the middle of Oxclose Dene.

9.  Retired and thinking what to do next.  Create a website, perhaps!

Schools:  Usworth Colliery Junior Mixed School & Washington Grammar School (1958 intake).

N.B. Numerous people have contributed images and memories to this website.  On behalf of all our visitors ... Many Thanks.  Jim


James & Vivienne

Jim & Vivienne

( Vivienne set the website ball rolling, but that's another story. )


Grandma Gill and Cousins

For My Lovely Cousins ...

Grandma Ethel Gill holding Valerie Carroll.  Clockwise from the top: Marie & Linda Carroll with Jacqueline Gill wearing the ribbon.