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Memories of an  Usworth Way-of-Life

George Gibson

Pictorial History of an Usworth Miner / Soldier

George Gibson was born into the mining community of Little Usworth on 17th April 1890


George Gibson - Player in the Usworth Board School Football Team (c.1897/98)


George Gibson - 'On Parade' with the Usworth Colliery Board School Boys (Sept. 1901)


George Gibson - 'Best in Attendance' Group Photograph (1903/1904)


George Gibson with his workmates at Usworth Colliery (c.1907)


George Gibson - Member of the Edith Avenue Wesleyan Chapel Congregation


George Gibson - Player in the 1912/13 Championship Winning Football Team


George Gibson - Member of Usworth & District Workmen's Club & Institute Ltd

  • The Original Top Club


Private George Gibson is commemorated on the Usworth Colliery Great War Memorial

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George was born on 17th April 1890.

He lost his life on 23rd July 1918.


The Last Resting Place of Usworth's Private George Gibson (Tank Corps)

George Gibson was a hard-working miner who enjoyed his football.
He was also a man of faith who lost his life serving his King & Country.

Usworth Miners, Football and School images, the Bible and Top Club Wallet images are displayed here by kind permission of David Gibson, grandson of Private Gibson.