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The Clan Crusader

Washington Sports Car

The Clan Crusader

Built in Washington

Clan Crusader Facts:

The Clan Motor Company's first car was completed 22nd September 1971 and 315 Clan Crusaders were built before the company closed down in November 1973 - mainly because of the economic downturn at that time.   The cars were built on Washington's Crowther Industrial Estate by a staff that included about 20 local men.  They quickly attracted the attention of the motoring world.

Each car was based on an 875cc Hillman Imp Sport engine and had a fibre glass monocoque body, meaning the chassis is integral with the body.   The designer was former Oxford graduate and Lotus engineer, Paul Haussauer.  A joint Swiss/British national, he was also the company's MD.

Each Clan Crusader sold for £1,350 but could be purchased in kit form for £1,125.  The company stated that, given the right equipment and technical knowledge, a car could be assembled in 4 hrs.

Clan Crusaders could accelerate from 0-60 mph in 12 seconds and boasted 56 miles per gallon at a cruising speed of 40 mph.  They competed in major motor rallies and surprised everyone in 1972!

Most of these cult cars are still running.  Their owners belong to the Clan Crusader Owners Club.