Washington County Durham


Memories of  Washington

New Washington Firemen

Washington Firemen

World War 2

WW2 Firemen

Thomas Hall Potter (Centre) - Chief Fireman during the Second World War

Thomas's house, 63 Spout Lane, had the only telephone in the street.
There was a Fire Siren, operated by a winding handle, fitted to the side of his house.

Union Branch Letterhead

Letterhead naming the Treasurer and Secretary of Washington Branch, Firemen's Legion.

Red Cross Receipt

Red Cross Certificate

Thomas's Daughter, Betty, raised money for the Red Cross through her Craft Stall.

Christmas Card Front

Durham County Fire Brigade Christmas Card

Sent by Chief Fireman, Thomas Potter and his wife Mabel (née Murdoch).

Christmas Card Inside

Tom & Mabel Potter had 3 children: Elizabeth (Betty, Julia's Mother), Lawrence and Thomas.

[ Above Photograph, Images and Information: Courtesy of Chief Fireman Potter's Granddaughter, Julia Duncan. ]

New Washington Fire Station


Behind The New Inn

Street behind New Inn & Bird Inn, looking down to Spout Lane from the Fire Station.
Note the Rear Entrance to The Regal Cinema.   Back up this street to The Showmen's Site.
Compare the 'curved window' in the Co-op Building with that in Tab No. 1.

Fire Station

New Washington Fire Station / Fire Engine Garage.
Just uphill from the 'viewpoint' for the Top Image.

Fire Engine

New Washington Fire Brigade's Water Tender with Ladder.

Concord Fire Station


Concord Fire station

Concord Fire Station - opposite The Gardeners' Club (off-picture, right)
The Man is walking towards The Stile Inn, Old Top Club and the gap leading to Olds' Shop, Usworth Park and Miners' Hall.

Concord Fire Station Tower

Concord Fire Station
Construction of the Firemen's 'Drill Tower'

Fire Stations Map

Map c 1967
Washington's WW2 Fire Station  -  Site of Concord Fire Station

Washington Firemen

c. 1950s

Firemen c1950s

The Crew of Washington Retained (part-time) Fire Station c. 1950s.
Fireman Bob Triton is second from the right in the front row.
These men were summoned for duty by Siren.

Petrol Tanker Incident

Middleham Street (c.1960s)

Petrol Tanker Incident

Eddie Hill setting up a Water Hydrant on Washington Station Road.

Petrol Tanker Incident

Washington Fire Brigade attending a Tanker incident in Middleham Street
Sub-Officer Tommy Knight is signalling, 'Come to me'.

Petrol Tanker Incident

Would you be standing so close while the Fire Brigade hosed down a Petrol Tanker?

Petrol Tanker Incident

Washington Fire Brigade attending a Tanker incident in Middleham Street

[ Thanks to Fireman / Photographer, John Allsopp for the above photographs. ]

Petrol Tanker Incident Map

Location of Middleham Street
Between Washington Station Road and the Colliery Wagonway.

Washington Firemen

c. 1970

Firemen - Father and Son

Washington Firemen - Stan & John Allsopp
with Washington Fire Station's 'Wheeled Escape Water Tender'.

Fire Engine - Old's Shop

Old's Shop  -  Foxtrot 181  -  The Stile Inn
The Appliance that responded to all Fire Emergencies in Washington (late 1960s).

[ Photographer: John Allsopp. ]

Washington Firemen


Peter Pan Club

Firemen's Gift to Washington Peter Pan Club, 1977.

[ Thanks to Tom Copeman - Big Smile! ]