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Memories of  Usworth

Usworth Colliery Methodist Church

Usworth Colliery Methodist Church

( Waterloo Road )

Usworth Methodist Church
Originally a 'Primitive Methodist' Church

Marriages  1926 - !959Usworth Methodist Church Marriages

Earlier Marriage Records Not Available
This Information was researched and supplied by W.P. (Bill) Richardson.
[ Two of Bill's relatives, Robert Richardson Middleton (1927) & Margaret Middleton (1954), are included in the List. ]

Usworth Methodist Church
The Church was next to Pawson's Clothing Factory on Waterloo Road.  Usworth Pit is off-picture, left.
Turn right to Pensher View, Railway Terrace and Usworth Green Prefabs.
Note Usworth Colliery Pit Heap on the horizon.
View from Saint Michael's.

1951 Map
1951 Map of Usworth Colliery
The Road Junction above the Mission Church - St. Michael's and All Angels - is shown in the Pawsons Picture.

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