Washington County Durham


Memories of  Washington - WW2

Postcard to Prisoner of War Camp in Japan

Postcard to Prisoner of War

( WW2 )

POW Postcard 1/2

Addressed to Sgt.  J. R. Batey
Posted in Washington, County Durham - 25 October 1943

POW Postcard 2/2

Sent by D. S. Lindley  &  R. Hurst Mather.
From Washington Secondary School

[ The above Postcard was offered for sale on EBay in November 2022.  Asking price in Dollars: $450. ]

R. Hurst Mather

Mr R. Hurst Mather
Headmaster of Washington Grammar School.
[ Washington Secondary School, Spout Lane - later, Washington Grammar School ]

Secondary School

Washington Secondary School
Looking down Spout Lane towards Shafto Terrace and New Inn Corner