Washington County Durham


Memories of  Washington 'F' Colliery

Images of Mineworkers

Washington 'F' Pit


Sam Tulip - age 14

Our Grandfather:  Samuel Tulip (1892-1972)  -  14th Birthday!

First Day at Washington 'F' Colliery.

[ Photograph:  Courtesy of my Sister, Vivienne Bell née Gill.   Jim ]

Sam was one of Washington's first WW1 Volunteers.  For more information CLICK ME.

'F' Pit Miners

Miners at Washington 'F' Pit - before compulsory white safety helmets were introduced in the mid-60s.

Blue House Lane - just beyond the distant coal wagons.   Future 'F' Pit Museum, top-right.

'F' Pit Baths - Opening

'F' Pit - Last Shift

'F' Pit - Last Shift

'F' Pit Craftsmen


'F' Pit Welders 1

Thomas Craggs (Right) - Welder / Fabricator - and two fellow Welders

New partially constructed Winding Wheel for Washington 'F' Pit - 1952
Rather than wait for a replacement for a cracked Winding Wheel they decided to make one!

'F' Pit Welders 2

Notes on Rear of Photograph

[ Above Photographs and Information:  Courtesy of Geoff Craggs, Son of Thomas. ]

'F' Pit Craftsmen

Blacksmiths & Joiners

'F' Pit Blacksmiths

Washington 'F' Colliery Blacksmiths

'F' Pit Blacksmiths and Joiners

Washington 'F' Colliery Blacksmiths & Joiners - c.1900s

'F' Pit Craftsmen


'F' Pit Electricians

Washington 'F' Colliery Electricians
Three men (*) verified as Electricians by family / workmates.
Bob Cockbain later became Unit
(Chief) Electrical Engineer at Wardley Colliery.

[ Photographs:  Courtesy of Anne Jenkinson ]

Washington 'F' Pit

Fire Fighters

'F' Pit Fire Fighters

Washington 'F' Colliery Fire Fighting Team - 1963.

Winners for Fire Fighting:   Back Row 2: Eddie Hill,   Front Row, right: Raymond Hill.

[ Courtesy of Keith Hill ]

Washington 'F' Pit

Ambulance Brigade

'F' Pit Ambulance Brigade

Washington 'F' Division of St. John's Ambulance Brigade - 1930.

Tommy Cushlow is above Front Row, 3rd from the left.
Washington Miners' Welfare Hall, Spout Lane.

[ Courtesy of Kieran Cushlow ]

Surface Worker


'F' Pit Banksman

'F' Pit Banksman, Jack Johnson (Right)

Who remembers being checked for contraband (Tabs & Matches) before being allowed into the Pit Cage and 'rapped U/G'?

'F' Pit Ladies

Canteen Staff

'F' Pit Canteen 1

Washington 'F' Colliery Canteen  -  Customers and Staff.

'F' Pit Canteen 2

The Pit Road  -  Travelling from Village Lane towards Blue House lane.
The Canteen and Pit Baths are on the left.