Washington County Durham


Memories of  The Stile Inn

... or is it?

Stile Inn Mystery

Is this really the Stile Inn?

This image is posted on a number of high profile sites as The Stile Inn.   But is it?

An Old Picture of The Stile Inn

Your first clue: a picture of the genuine Stile Inn.

... some years later

There's a massive clue in this picture.   You don't see it?   Have a look at the next tab - The Proof

Conclusive Proof

Mrs Nellie Wood watches the Usworth Banner as it passes the Stile Inn.

The 'So-Called' Stile Inn

The wall is on the wrong side of the pub - this picture has been flipped from left to right!

The Real Stile Inn

The side road led to the Gardeners' Club, Hertburn Gardens and (via fields) to the Village Green.

How could it happen?

The film negative was probably put into the printing enlarger's negative carrier the wrong way round!

Heading towards Usworth & District Gardeners' Club

Peter Peverley & Ronnie Smith after a milk delivery to Woodland Terrace.   Note the old Top Club.

Valedictory Pun!

Note the 'No Through Road' sign: the road to Sunderland via Usworth Station is now behind the pub.

( As the Stile Inn's days are now numbered, a farewell play-on-words seems appropriate. )