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Websites with a ' Not Secure ' Notice

 11 March 2024


Does this Website have a Security Problem?
( No!   Please read on for an explanation. )

Not Secure Notice on iPad
This Website's Home Page - as seen on an iPad using the Apple's Safari Web Browser.


I've introduced this short article onto my Website to clarify things following a query from a Regular Contributer
who spotted a 'Not Secure' notice in the URL address section at the top of the Home Page.

A Website specified 'Not Secure' uses a Connection to your Web Browser that is not Encrypted.
This means that any Information you enter onto that Website, such as Passwords,
Bank A/C & Credit Card details, or other personal information,
could potentially be intercepted by a cybercriminal.

The Raggy Spelk Website has no entry points for inputting Information of any kind ... even if you wanted to!


The full URL of a 'Secure' Website looks like this: https://www.abcdefg.co.uk
The full URL of a 'Not Secure' Website looks like this: http://www.abcdefg.co.uk

Different Browsers have different ways of showing whether a visited Website is Secure or not.
My iPad's Safari Browser simply states 'Not Secure' (See above grey image).
Other Browsers show an Icon, or the Icon crossed out.

[ Enjoy your visit,  Jim ]