Washington County Durham


Memories of ...

Major Road Construction

Bridge over the  A194(M) Motorway at High Usworth

Looking North-East, towards South Shields

A194M Bridge 1
Peareth Hall once stood just beyond the trees on the left.   Holy Trinity Church stands 200 metres to the right.

A194M Bridge 2
View from above the Junction with the Washington Highway

A194M Bridge 3
Holy Trinity Church and its Cemetery are visible in the trees on the right.

A194M Bridge 4
View across the A194(M) Bridge towards Heugh Hill and Springwell.

Excavation Pictures

[ The above pictures were made available to Adrian Lupton by Beamish Museum Resource Centre.  Thanks everybody. ]

A194M Bridge 4
Map showing the A194(M) Bridge between Usworth House (later, Peareth Hall) and Holy Trinity Church.
[ Thanks to Mike Elund. ]