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RCA Record Factory

The RCA Record Factory

Which later became Dicken's Home Improvement Hypermarket, then B&Q.
[ Radio Corporation of America, later RCA Victor. ]

Press Clipping

RCA Sign



Staff Pictures

Sad Cafe
Sad Café visiting RCA, November 1980.
[Thanks to Chronicle Live]

Bonnie Tyler
Singer / Songwriter Bonnie Tyler visiting RCA.
[Thanks to Jon Mason]


Mary Lyall
Mary Lyall sorting 45s in the RCA Factory, April 1972.
[Thanks to Chronicle Live]



RCA Construction
The RCA Record Factory on the Armstrong Industrial Estate

(Under Construction - See next Tab for aerial images.)


Dickens DIY
Dickens Home Improvement Hypermarket - Opening Day, 1984
The RCA Record Factory closed in 1981.

(I bet the ice-cream man made a fortune!)


The RCA Record Factory

Blackfell Village & Armstrong Industrial Estate.
[ Under Construction ]

Aerial - RCA Record factory
The beginnings of Armstrong Industrial Estate and the north end of the A182 Washington Highway.
Blackfell Village will be built beyond the road containing the long line of vehicles.

[ The Future Junction of A182 & A194M is off-picture, right. ]


Former RCA Record factory
Looking up the A182 Washington Highway towards the A194M Motorway
(left to A1M, right to South Shields)

  Blackfell Village (left).   B&Q DIY Superstore (centre-picture), formerly RCA Record Factory and Dickens DIY.


Junction: A182 & A194(M)
Looking down the future Washington Highway Route towards the planned Galleries Shopping Centre.

Note Village Lane passing (diagonally from upper-left to middle-right) between the Fine Fare Warehouse and the RCA Record Factory.

Thanks to Adrian Lupton for contributing the Aerial / Under-Construction Photographs in this article.