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Not ... Just Another Brick in the Wall!

J. C. Blythe & Sons   -   King George V   -   Made in 1912   -   Washington Station

The side wall of the Washington Arms (2002).   Thanks to photographer Keith Cockerill for contributing his excellent picture.

Keith informs me that there are 6 or more such bricks in the wall.  (20th July 2017)

[ The above brick was manufactured in the same year that RMS Titanic sank. ]


J.C. Blythe & Sons, Washington Station

Blythe's Brick Works is centre picture, just above the lower pond.

The pond was created by clay extraction for the Brick Works.


Usworth & Washington Brick Works - 1960s

Usworth Brickyard on Waterloo Road
Usworth Colliery in the background

Washington Brickyard on Blue House Lane
Wensleydale Ave / Old Power Station (middle-right).

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