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Memories of Usworth Colliery

Men & Boys

Usworth Colliery
( 1845 - 1974 )

Usworth Colliery Panorama


Usworth Colliery Miners
(circa 1907)

Usworth Colliery Miners - c.1907

George Gibson: 5th from left, back row.   [Photographer: Matthew C. Sanderson.  Photo: courtesy of George's grandson, David Gibson.]

[ You'll find a fascinating Pictorial History of the life of George Gibson at: What's Where; People; George Gibson. ]

Usworth Colliery Pit Lads
(circa 1907)

Usworth Colliery Pit Lads - c.1907

Young Pit Lads at Usworth Colliery (c.1907).

Usworth Colliery Pit Lads

Usworth Colliery Miners - 1908

Young Pit Lads at Usworth Colliery (1908).   No cap lamps - light by Flame Safety Lamp only!

Men of the Usworth Colliery Mining Community

Usworth Colliery Men & Boys (1920s)

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Two Pairs of Pit Byuts and a Soap Dish!

Andy Storey & Peter Moran

Andy Storey & Peter Moran hang up their boots following the closure of Usworth Colliery in August 1974.

Bob Scorer - Usworth Miner

Bob Scorer

Newspaper and Date unknown.
[ Thanks to Washington History Society.  N.B. That's my correction!  Jim ]

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Bob Scorer with Les Simpson

The Northern Echo  -  Durham Miners' Gala  -  Saturday, 10 July 2010
[ From a Northern Echo supplement found in the late David Simpson's 'Box of Memories'.  Thanks to David's sisters, Laura and Lilian. ]