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Memories of  a Washington Hero

WW2 Soldier and Local Fireman  (1/2)

Washington Hero

Corporal Matthew Docherty M.M.
Soldier, POW and War Hero
( WW2 )

Corporal Docherty, a former Washington Coal Miner from Hertburn Gardens, served with
the Royal Tank Corps in Italy.   Matthew was awarded his Military Medal for saving a man's life.  See Paragraph 'OXYGEN' below.

Newcastle Journal - 17 Feb 1945

Sunday Sun - 18 Feb 1945



Washington's Matthew Docherty
( Holder of The Military Medal )
later, a Fireman with Gateshead Fire Brigade

A former Washington Fireman told me, “ Matthew Docherty worked at Dryden Road Fire Station
in Gateshead as a civilian Clerk after being injured during active Fire Service.
While still in the Brigade he used to run a keep fit class.
I had no idea of his exploits during WW2. ”
Modest as well as Heroic!

{ Jim }

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Press Cuttings:  Courtesy of Washington History Society

W.H.S. recently carried out some research on Corporal Docherty.
If you have any relevant information, they'll be delighted to hear from you.